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Netflix Greenlights “The G Word With Adam Canover”

Netflix has ordered a sketch comedy series featuring documentary elements focused on the government called “The G Word With Adam Canover.” The series is loosely based on Michael Lewis book “The Fifth Risk,” and is described as follows:

The United States government affects our lives in countless ways, from the food we eat to the money in our bank accounts. But despite the many hours we spend obsessing over politics, almost none of us know the first thing about the massive organization those politicians are supposed to run. Instead, “government” has become a dirty word that we’d rather not talk or even think about. In “The G Word,” comedian Adam Canover (“Adam Ruins Everything”) serves up the antidote. Using fast-paced visual comedy, he reveals the profound power and complexity of the U.S. government, introduces viewers to the heroic civil servants who make it work, and takes an incisive satirical look at its shortcomings.

The series, which is produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground, will begin production in early 2021.