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Netflix Orders Three-Part Docuseries ‘From Dreams to Tragedy: The Fire That Shook Brazilian Football’

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Netflix has announced the three-episode docuseries “From Dreams to Tragedy: The Fire That Shook Brazilian Football,” following the tragic fire that took the lives of 10 young people at Ninho do Urubu, the Flamengo club’s training center, in Rio de Janeiro. The logline: Across three episodes, the documentary follows the professional careers of some of the fire’s survivors – young people who spent a part of their lives at Ninho do Urubu and whose careers have very much moved on. It also features journalists, football professionals and the victims’ families, as they continue to search for answers. In moving accounts, parents voice their pain and reveal how they have been fighting to get justice for their children since the tragedy occurred.

In addition to personal accounts, the series features never-before-seen images of the fire, and recreates moments from that night, through scenes dramatized and shot by director Pedro Asbeg. The reconstruction plays an important part in the debate about the causes of a tragedy that has left a lasting mark in the history of Brazilian football. In an effort to offer a social reflection in memory of the victims and to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again, it also deals with the direct consequences of the judiciary’s inertia with regard to the fire.

Released March 14, “From Dreams to Tragedy: The Fire that Shook Brazilian Football” is produced by A Fábrica from an original idea by UOL and developed by Pedro Asbeg, Renato Fagundes and UOL, and directed by Pedro Asbeg.