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Netflix Renews ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ for Season 2

This Brings the Total Episode Tally to 12

Netflix has greenlit the revival of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” for a second season, with an unconfirmed number of new episodes for 2018. Series creator Joel Hodgson, along with cast members Felicia Day and Jonah Ray, made the announcement during the recent Mystery Science Theater 3000 Thanksgiving marathon on YouTube.

“Mystery Science Theater 3000″ first aired on KTMA-TV in Minneapolis in 1988 for its freshman season, then headed over to Comedy Central (then Comedy Channel) where it ran for six seasons until its cancellation in 1997. The Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy) revived it for another three seasons. In total, ten seasons, plus a feature film, were produced. In 1995, there was also “The Mystery Science Theater Hour,” which was a 60-episode syndication package.

The revival, which was spurred by the over $5.7 million raised by Joel Hodgson on Kickstarter, stars Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt, along with original cast members Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl.