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Netflix Show ‘Kingdom’ and the Korean Hanbok that is Featured There

If you’ve watched Netflix shows like “Kingdom” and “The King: Eternal Monarch,” then you’re probably aware of Korean Hanbok. If not, then read this guide to understand what they’re, why they’re popular, and who it is suitable for.

What is the Korean Hanbok?

Hanbok is a traditional attire of Korean people. It can be worn by both men and women alike. On the upper part of the body, people wear a jeogori (a type of jacket). On the bottom, men wear trousers known as baji while women wear skirts called chima.

Previously, Hanbok was a daily attire of Korean people. However, they now wear it only on official functions or important occasions. Like other traditional garments, Hanbok is returning just to become popular again. Some credit goes to Netflix too.

Hanbok was originally designed to facilitate comfort. Both the men and women’s versions of Hanbok facilitate ease of movement.

Premium Korean Hanbok store offer both traditional and modern Hanbok. There is a Hanbok for men, women, and children alike. They are unique and of premium quality, often made by artisans.

How does Hanbok look like?

Hanboks are usually classified into everyday and ceremonial dress. It is then further categorized by sexes, time of life, and occasion. However, the general design of Hanbok remains the same.

The first and foremost attribute of Hanbok is its vivid colors. The vibrant hues of the Hanbok correspond with the five elements of yin and yang theory. It includes a metal (white), fire (red), wood (blue), water (black), earth (yellow).

The colors of Hanbok symbolizes marital status and social position. For example, bright colors are generally worn by children and girls, while middle-aged men and women wear muted hues. Women who are unmarried wear yellow jeogori along with red chima. Women who have delivered sons, wear navy color.

Patterns are yet another attribute of Hanbok. They represent the wishes of the wearer. For example, lotus flowers symbolize the hope of nobility. Peonies on a wedding dress represent a wish for honor and wealth. Similarly, bats and pomegranates symbolize a desire for children.

The Current Hanbok

The current Hanbok reflects traditional Hanbok while giving it a modern look. They’re still cozy to wear and baggy. On the bottom, men wear plus fours that are clamped at the ankle along with single-breasted-like coats, whereas ladies wear the long, spacious skirt along with a small coat that knots at the waistline.

The biggest difference between traditional and modern Hanbok is the availability of patterns and colors. These days, you can find bright colors and quirky designs and details on the Hanbok in the blocks of Korea.

Even some of the American celebrities have worn the modern Hanbok in public events. Some of them include Britney Spears, Nicholas Cage, Nicky Hilton, and Jessica Alba.

The best part about modern Hanbok is that they are now being made using fabrics like dungaree and checkered. It makes the Hanbok’s design more modern and relevant to stylish fashionistas.

Besides, there are now specially-designed Hanboks for various occasions. For example…

People make their kids wear the Dol Hanbok when they turn one year old.

Wedding or Hollyebok is more decorative when compared to other Hanboks.

Similarly, the Hoegabyeon Hanbok is worn on the 61st birthday. It wishes for their longevity.

As opposed to western apparel, which accomplishes aspects via flat knitting fabric and sewing tactics, Hanbok is created with flat fabric in a square shape. Hanbok achieves dimensionality only when it is worn on the body. This makes the Hanbok natural, exquisite, and fluent.

What’s more, is that the Hanbok contains linear and arched lines. This gives the Hanbok an appealing flow representing an extraordinary Korean elegance. As a result, the Hanbok looks graceful and harmonious when worn by a person. The Hanbok also emphasizes the wearers’ authority and dignity.


If you haven’t tried Hanbok yet, now is the right time. Hanbok is coming back into the demand, allowing you to find modern patterns hand-crafted into the Hanbok. You can buy it as per your gender, age, choice, and occasion.