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Netflix Special UK: Gambling

Three Films Worth Noting

After a hard day at the office, it’s nice to kick back and relax. In order to escape from all the pressure during the day. Some of us love nothing better than to enjoy a few games online at mFortune casino . Alternatively, there is the option to start your weeknight with a Netflix binge. For anyone who enjoys gaming and gambling, Netflix currently offers subscribers many gambling-themed shows that are simply awesome. Gambling has always been a great topic for directors because of the bright lights of Las Vegas, card counting and money-laundering criminal gangs. To prove it, here are three of the best films on Netflix with a gambling theme. From card counting to the FBI – it’s all here.

1. “Lay the Favorite”

“Lay the Favorite” is named after the memoirs of Beth Raymer. Beth tells her story of moving from Florida to Las Vegas in the 90s and meeting Bruce Willis, pardon, we mean Dink. Dink is a professional gambler in town and certainly makes life more interesting for the female lead played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Vince Vaughan also makes an appearance and together the cast has some star-studded names. It received mixed reviews, but it is certainly worth watching next time you head to Netflix.

2. “Casino”

Also on Netflix is the ingeniously named, “Casino.” Although the writers were not having one of their most creative days when naming the film, they were having a better time at writing the plot. This is a classic Scorsese masterpiece that gives modern viewers a glimpse into Las Vegas’s heyday before they were taken over by corporations. Robert De Niro plays the lead character in a stereotypical gambling movie involving casino scams, the FBI, gaming commissions and of course the Mafia.

3. “21″

“21” is the gambling movie of the modern age. It doesn’t touch on winning cash to evade criminal activity or to live in a mansion with beautiful women. Instead, it’s about a student struggling to pay his student debt and get into medical school. However, this is not just any student it is based on a true story of MIT students who want to count cards and beat the casinos.

The main character named Ben just so happens to be an absolute wizard when it comes to mathematics and therefore card counting. How does he fair with his peers trying to scam the casinos? Does he get into Harvard and become a doctor? You will have to watch to find out.

Have you seen these films before?