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Netflix Tips and Hacks for Students

Academic life can be a bit stressful for a student. There are tons of assignments to complete, group discussions, and tests to study for. Still, you’re expected to participate in extracurricular activities and even take up some student leadership roles. You need a break from all this and have fun, and Netflix has the best entertainment content for you to enjoy.

Netflix is one of the most affordable streaming services – you can enjoy its basic package for as little as $9.99 per month. But it’s not only about entertainment; the platform has numerous educational documentaries that can broaden your knowledge of diverse things. So, what tips and tricks can help you have a more fulfilling experience on Netflix? Here are some essential ones.

Safeguard Your Account Details

You have loads of personal information on Netflix. For instance, the account has details such as your name, email address, and even payment details – these are sensitive data that shouldn’t get into the hands of unauthorized people. So, you should ensure no one else can access your Netflix account without your approval. It safeguards you from identity theft.

How do you ensure you keep your Netflix account safe? First, set a strong password that’s difficult to guess – include letters (both lower and upper case), numbers, and special symbols. And keep the password to yourself. Moreover, regularly check your profile carefully to ensure there is no unauthorized access at any one point.

Do you feel that someone could be using your account without authorization? It’s time to kick them out through a simple procedure. Sign out all the devices and change the passcode. That means anyone else who needs to use the account has to log in using the new password – problem solved!

Get Personalized Recommendations

What’s entertaining to you may not be entertaining to another individual. And getting to the shows you like could take a lot of time. You could sometimes get frustrated navigating the loads of TV shows on your Netflix profile. What was supposed to be entertainment suddenly becomes a task of finding what to entertain you.

Here’s the hack: Once you watch a movie and love it, give it two thumbs up. A thumbs down means you don’t like the show, obviously. These reactions make it easy for Netflix to display the videos and TV shows you like on your profile and leave out the ones you don’t love – that makes your binge-watching experience more enjoyable.

Recommend Movies and TV Shows to People

Have you ever viewed shows on Netflix and felt like someone you know would like them, too? Netflix has a feature that allows you to recommend shows to other people. You can share the content with your buddies and relatives, and they can also have a feel of the entertaining content you got from Netflix.

How do you make people also know the entertaining content you’ve viewed on Netflix? When you click on the show title, there’s a “share” button below it. Click on the “share” button and recommend the show through your preferred channel – Instagram story, Facebook, or message.

Enable the Netflix Party Option 

When you pay for essay, you expect top-quality content. The same applies when you pay for your Netflix subscription. The end goal is to make your viewership experience as enjoyable as possible. For instance, you may want to enjoy your TV show with your friends even if you’re not in the same location – that’s where the Netflix party comes in.

The Netflix party enables you and your friends/family to watch the same film simultaneously, regardless of where they are. It has a chat option to discuss the film as you watch it. It implies that Netflix can help you to establish those meaningful connections with your buddies/family. Take advantage of this fantastic feature when you’re away in college – watch movies with your family.

Create Separate Profiles for Tailored Recommendations

You may be using the same account with different individuals in your family. Given that they have different preferences, the account information gets mixed up. You may begin to find recommendations for kids’ shows for your baby sibling and boring documentaries for your dad. The solution is to create separate profiles for all the users. You can then separate the activities on the different profiles. That way, you only get recommendations for films similar to what you like. It makes your viewership experience even more exciting.

Go Around the Netflix Regional Restrictions

Netflix shows different entertainment content depending on the laws in a given region – customization by region. For example, you may not enjoy some of your favorite shows when you travel to another country. But it shouldn’t stop you from entertaining yourself – you can circumvent this regional restriction. You can use a VPN to enjoy content available in different regions. That means you can even enjoy the content that’s restricted in your area. Your viewership experience gets even better. 

Download Shows and View Them on the Go

At times, you could be in a place with poor internet connectivity. For example, you may be on a long road trip without internet connectivity. You wouldn’t even be able to do your assignment in such a circumstance, and you’ll likely ask, “Who can write essay for me?” However, you can still enjoy your favorite series without streaming. All you should do is download and store it on a device. You can then watch it offline wherever you are – enjoying the beach atmosphere, strolling in a remote village, or taking that long road trip.


Using Netflix should be a fun and seamless experience, and applying some tricks and tips can give you much viewership enjoyment. Secure your account, get tailored recommendations, and share the shows you love with people. Also, use the party option to add some to your movie time. And don’t miss out on restricted content. Use a VPN to circumvent regional restrictions and enjoy more content. Lastly, download your favorite shows to watch offline.