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New Horizons for US Online Gambling: Launch in Michigan and Virginia

Americans and Canadians choose gambling entertainments, even if the state imposes restrictions on that sphere. But apparently it’s time to come out of the shadows and no longer visit illegal gaming clubs to completely switch to a legal online casino Canada.

This has never happened at the US gaming industry before! In this country, there are many players who visit land-based casinos and participate in online betting. But what happened this weekend is a real surge of online gambling popularity. From now on, gambling is officially allowed in Michigan and Virginia. As soon as this permission went into effect, gamers in these states spent many hours playing games and betting on sports. They made 7.5 million transactions from more than 400,000 betting accounts. In total, over the past weekend, online gamers of the United States made about 30 million transactions for gambling. This is an incredible indicator that demonstrates the huge interest of Americans to online games and sports betting. At the same time, US gamers now want to play legally, without restrictions and prohibitions.

According to Conscious Gaming, users of Virginia and Michigan have made more bets in these states since the launch of online gambling than players in any other US regions. According to experts, the total number of transactions here accounts for a quarter of all bets made in the country. “This demonstrates that Americans will abandon illegal websites and street corner betting shops in order to trust companies that are responsible, provide reliable consumer protection and responsible gaming measures,” said Seth Palansky, one of the leading executives of Conscious Gaming.

Online users of Michigan and Virginia started betting on sports and competing in online games at legal clubs as soon as online gambling was officially allowed here. And it is worth noting that the number of payment transactions exceeded the figures in any other US state. This confirms the fact that players in these states want to play online and want to do so without breaking the law. At the moment, online gambling is already allowed in 17 states in the United States. For comparison, at the beginning of 2020, there were only 10 states. Apparently, there is a trend of spreading the legal virtual gambling throughout the United States.

Most likely, the next state to legalize online gambling will be New York. But here everything depends on the decision of the current governor. We only know that some steps have already been taken towards the legalization of online gambling in New York. So, Andrew Cuomo made a statement that he fully allows the legalization of online sports betting through mobile applications.