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New Zealand Announce Same Pay for Men and Women Cricketers

A five-year deal between New Zealand Cricket and the players’ organization has resulted in equal pay for male and female cricketers in New Zealand. According to the deal, women’s players will get the same match fees as men in all domestic and international formats and competitions.

The arrangement with the higher compensation and conditions is contingent on men’s and women’s top players earning 29.75 percent of the NZC’s projected revenue over five years ($349 million) or an anticipated $104 million over the next five years.

The top three domestic women’s players in every Major Association would be eligible for $19,146 (up from $3,423), led by $18,646 ($3,423) for sixth place and $18,146 ($3,423) for 12th place.

The agreement would boost the number of domestic contracts for women from 54 to 72. At the same time, men would receive greater retainers due to their increasing participation in matches, formats, and practice and playing time.

“This is the most significant agreement in our sport, as it ties NZC, the significant associations, and our players, and ties the groundwork for funding, growing, and developing cricket,” said NZC Chief Executive David White.

“It was a cooperative yet extremely robust negotiation. It signifies an important step forward as we continue to increase our engagement in women’s Cricket.”

Sophie Devine, captain of the White Ferns, praised the inclusion of international and domestic women’s players in the same agreement as men, stating, “It’s fantastic that they are recognized with the guys.”

It is an enormous step forward and will be a massive lure for young women and girls because they can start their career in Cricket and shop cricket equipment online

The total compensation for male and female cricketers consists of retainers, match fees, trust IP payments, insurance, and contributions to retirement funds. The players will retain the right to compete in overseas Twenty20 leagues, such as the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Pay Disparity In Indian Cricket

In India, male cricket players receive significantly more benefits than their female counterparts. Category A female cricketer will receive 50 lakh every match in 2021-22, while their male counterparts in the same category would get 5 crores per match. In addition, male cricket players in the A+ category receive 7 crores every match.

Category B female cricketers earn 30 lakh every match, whereas category B male cricketers receive 3 crores per match. Even Category C players in male Cricket get 1 crore every match, but Category C female players earn 10 lakh or 10% of what their male counterparts earn.

In 2015-16, the situation for female cricket players in India deteriorated further. Category A players received 15 lakh every match, while Category B players received 10 lakh. In those days, category A male cricketers got 1 million every match, Grade B earned 50 lakhs per match, and Grade C earned 25 lakhs per match.

NZC Announces Big Nnews 

As a result of this agreement, the number of women’s domestic contracts in New Zealand has increased from 54 to 72. These contracts will have limited requirements so players can fulfil their other full-time or academic obligations.

The new contract will pave the way for more equality between male and female cricketers regarding travel, lodging, playing, clothing, and training conditions. Existing pregnancy and child care provisions are also included in these brand-new agreements. If you are a woman and a cricket lover too, get a players grade English Willow bat and start your practice from today. Your future is safe!