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NFL Analyst Tony Romo Stays at CBS for New Record Salary

As first reported in the New York Post on Friday night, NFL analyst Tony Romo agreed to remain at CBS for the largest sports analyst contract in TV history: $17 million per year for at least six years.

Romo’s original contract with CBS in 2017. which was worth $10 million for three years, was about to expire in March. It was rumored that Disney, the company that owns ESPN, was going to make a substantial bid to acquire Romo in an effort to bolster its “Monday Night Football” package and to better its chances for its other network ABC to air a future Super Bowl.

With this deal, CBS is placing high value in the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who has been universally praised by media observers since the start of his job as NFL analyst, alongside longtime play-by-play man Jim Nantz. It’s also a signal that CBS is interested in maintaining their good relations with the NFL, especially for the soon-upcoming round of negotiations for the league’s TV deals.

The previous record agreement to an NFL analyst was to John Madden for $8 million per year from the Fox network when they acquired the NFL in 1994.