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Nicotine Pouches vs Cigarettes: What Makes These Next-Generation Nicotine Products Different?

The cigarette industry has declined over the past couple of years. According to Altria, the maker of popular brands such as Marlboro, these products take up only 60% of the nicotine market, as opposed to 80% in 2018. The company predicts that it will fall below 50% in three years. 

Inversely, companies like Philip Morris have seen growth in recent years. The brand reported revenue of $35.2 billion in 2023, with smoke-free goods being a significant reason why. This new generation of nicotine products is on the rise as more people are looking to quit cigarettes for good—especially for health reasons. Our previous article “Unlock the Secrets to a Healthier Life” explains that a holistic approach to health is necessary to achieving wellness. Small lifestyle changes like quitting cigarettes can make a significant impact. For many smokers, alternatives are the way to go.

One gaining a lot of traction is nicotine pouches. But what are they, and how are they different from cigarettes?

What are nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are small bags that users put between their lips and their gums. The chemicals and flavorings are then taken in by the mouth’s mucus membranes, allowing these to be absorbed by the body. It works similarly to nicotine gum, with one of the main differences being its range of flavors and doses. 

Case in point: On! pouches come in cinnamon, coffee, and berry. These offerings are ideal for those who want a variety of flavors or are tired of the standard tobacco taste. The brand also has a wide range of doses, ranging from 2mg to 8mg, so that users can enjoy nicotine of many strengths. They can be bought as single cans for those who want to try out the product or as bundles for those who want to take advantage of more affordable wholesale prices. 

ZYN pouches are also well known, as they were one of the first players in the market. Similar to On!, many turn to them for the brand’s array of flavors and their ease of use. All of these factors make these products popular—especially among young adults. 

As cigarettes have been on the decline, there’s definitely room in today’s market for this new generation of nicotine products. 

How else are they different?

They are smokeless

As smoke-free alternatives, nicotine pouches have the benefit of being discrete. With more and more countries implementing no-smoking zones, the pouches can easily be used without breaking the law. Aside from this, they are an excellent alternative for those who are worried about the effects that smoking tobacco can bring. 

Our World In Data reports that smoking causes about eight million premature deaths per year, with cancer being a primary reason. Carcinogens found in tobacco are not present in nicotine pouches, which is why many choose to opt for the latter instead. This makes nicotine pouches great for those who want to be more health-conscious but don’t want to give up nicotine altogether.

They are more accessible

Many tobacco products are being heavily taxed by the government to deter people from buying them, making cigarettes increasingly expensive for the average user. In this sense, nicotine pouches are more accessible because they are not heavily tarrifed. As mentioned above, they can even be cheaper if bought in larger quantities. Plus, like cigarettes, nicotine pouches can be purchased both in person at convenience stores and gas stations or online, making them widely accessible — which works in favor of pouches becoming part of the next generation of nicotine products. 

Though they serve the same purpose, cigarettes and nicotine pouches are different from each other. As more people are choosing smokeless options, the latter is gaining more popularity because it can set itself apart from the former.