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Nitto ATP Finals 2021 Live: How to Stream Online and on TV

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Nitto ATP Finals 2021 is now underway on the Turin largest indoor game court. At the end of every year, we get the best players in tennis. And then the question arises, who is best is the best of best? Well, to settle the final question, one final battle is required.

And ATP Finals is that battle that selects the best of all best players of a year. It’s the last tournament of the ATP season. After this, ATP will start their new season.

It is considered the best tournament of all time. They arrange the singles tournament by capturing the 8 highest-ranking players of the year. And in the same way, they select eight teams from the ATP ranking. And then boom, fighting for the great honor starts.

The highest-time winner of the ATP Tour Finals is Roger Federer with six titles in the singles match. And in the doubles, Peter Fleming and John McEnroe own the record of winning most titles which is seven-time. The last time in 2020, Daniil Medvedev. He has a very good chance to win the honor this year too.

In the Nitto ATP Finals, the winner collects around 1500 ranking points. The participating players get 200 points for winning each round match. If he wins the semi-final then players collect 400 points. And for the win of the final match of ATP Finals winner will get 500 points.

Here we made an article on the underway tournament Nitto ATP Finals 2021. Here we will talk about the tournament live stream, when, where, schedule, who is playing best, and some other facts that you may enjoy.

When and Where is the 2021 Nitto ATP Finals?

Nitto ATP Finals is set to play for eight days from November 14 to November 21. For the singles tournament, the group stage will end on November 19 and in the next two days the first day will be the semi-final and the second is for finals.

Now the tournament is currently at the semifinals stage. The first semifinals match is gonna take place between Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev. All the matches of the Nitto ATP Finals are very important but Djokovic vs Zverev match has got extra attention cause it will tell us does the Serbian has the energy to defeat his biggest competitor Medvedev or not.

The event is happening in the Pala Alpitour, Turin, Italy. Pala Alpitour got the contract for ATP Finals for five years. Previously London host the game for 12 years in a row.

Ways to Live Stream the Nitto ATP Finals Tennis Tournament:


UK: Prime Video

Europe: Eurosports

AUS: bElN Sports

In the USA, ESPN will broadcast the Nitto ATP Finals for tennis lovers. With ESPN you could watch the tournament on both TV and online streaming. To watch the game with the online ESPN streaming server you will have to buy the subscription of ESPN+.

In the UK, tennis fans can watch the Nitto ATP Finals live on Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is the world’s most popular server. The outsider of the UK can also use the Amazon Prime service. It has also a 30-days free trial, so have fun. And when the free trial ends, the subscription to Amazon Prime will cost £7.99 a month.

Among the European countries, the most popular streaming media is Eurosports. They bring all sports to the hand of sports lovers. They are most famous cause they broadcast all sorts of sports. If you have Eurosports and you are in Europe then you have access to all the live sports games and including Nitto ATP Finals.

In Australia beln Sports is broadcasting the final ATP tour event.