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Nursing School Application Essay Writing Tips

Your nursing school application essay is one of the most important parts of the application process, just as it is with any university to which you might be applying. UTA offers nursing programs that are online for your convenience.

Anybody (and everybody) can fill out the boxes and complete an application; there’s no room to impress anybody there. Rather, when you’re applying to that prestigious university, you’ve got to rely on adequately expressing your true personality and value via two things: your accomplishments, and your essay. Hannah Butler, a writer at WriteMyPaper4Me, says “Your extracurricular activities throughout your college career are a great way to show that you’re dedicated and committed to your chosen career path, but this is something that definitely takes years’ worth of advance planning and execution”.

Your essay, however, is a much more immediate way to make a personal connection between yourself and whichever admissions official is lucky enough to read your heartwarming tale of hard work and sacrifice.

Tell Your Story

Don’t be afraid to tell the story of you, and to tell it in fantastic detail. Make yourself sound incredible. One way to think of it is this: simply make yourself the Indiana Jones of whatever it is you want to be doing. It’s also important to remember your personality. There’s no need to fear injecting a bit of yourself into your writing.

Make It Fun

Think about it: admissions officials have to wade through thousands of applications each year, and every last one of them has an essay. Don’t you think it’d be a good thing if yours was a little more unique than anybody else’s? It’s never a bad thing to make someone smile, so definitely don’t forget to make your essay nice and fun to read.

Show Your Commitment

Otherwise, just make sure you remember to display your dedication and commitment to your vocation and to service, in general. Highlight any and every way you spent your time helping others throughout your life and educational career. If you already have some knowledge and certificates in basic or advanced life support, do not forget to mention that.

A career in nursing is a calling that requires a special level of commitment to service and dedication to the people around us. As a nurse, you’re essentially taking responsibility for safeguarding the health of your community. Communicate how you’ve attempted to do this your entire life in your essay, and do so in a way that makes it clear you’re cut out for a career in nursing.

Wrapping Up

Nursing school is a great way to begin your career in medicine or simply learn the trade of nursing as your lifelong vocation. Whatever your choice, there are plenty of schools that can help you achieve your dreams. All you’ll need to get into one of them is the right essay, and with the few effective tips and ideas we’ve just talked about, you’ll know everything you need to know to make sure you reach out and touch those admissions officials right in the heartstrings. By communicating your life’s struggles, accomplishments, and goals you’ll be able to guarantee that there’ no mistaking how well cut out you are for a career in nursing.