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Oakland! Supercross 2022 Live Stream Round 2 Online TV Coverage

Don’t worry if you are confused about watching Supercross 2022 live stream Round 2 in Oakland. We will guide you to watch Supercross live streaming online today. It is challenging to enjoy Supercross both inside and outside the USA. USA Network will cover the entire event on Saturday, January 15, at RingCentral Coliseum. Here are the details to access Supercross 2022 entire season. 

Event Schedule 

  • Opening Ceremonies – 6:30 PM PT
  • Gate Drop – 7:00 PM PT
  • Venue: RingCentral Coliseum
  • Classes: 450SX, 250SX East, 250SX West, KTM Junior
  • Live Channel: USA Network
  • Live Stream: Click Here to Watch Supercross Online

Supercross 2022 Round 2 Oakland Review:

Jalek Swoll’s season began comparably terrible as it could. A blackout on the leading lap of his hotness race finished his night early. He will be following the AMA blackout convention this week. This is a multi-day leeway period, so he may not be accessible for Oakland. He won’t know whether he is cleared for activity until he gets retested at the occasion on Saturday morning.

The massive disappointment of Anaheim was the hotness one season-finishing wounds to Colt Nichols. Subtleties are as yet inconsistent as the group has not been refreshed at this point all things considered. Yearling is having a medical procedure this week and possibly different medical procedures as he has the two arms harmed. Not the best circumstance for Colt. Incapable to race. Harmed. In any case, Both arms will be highly futile to half a month. Basic things like taking care of yourself and cleaning yourself are incredibly troublesome with the two arms in projects. You additionally get to discover who your actual companions are. A few undertakings cannot be done by any stretch of the imagination and need help.

On the outcomes side of the occasion. It was a shockingly natural platform for the 450 class. Ken Roczen can’t assist himself with yet being quick out of the squares. He is recently programed that way. It’s a muscle fiber and mental cosmetics. Cooper Webb was abrasive. Figure he may be modified that way as well. Eli Tomac was no place at Round one and missed the platform. Justin Barcia was great yet also Bam to keep advancing on the forum. Notice the commonality. Will it be something similar at Oakland? The milder soil and colder evenings in Oakland will quite often incline toward Ken Roczen’s range of abilities yet it’s not some place he has succeeded at an alot. Jason Anderson has done well here previously. Possibly he gets some restitution on Barcia and gets that platform he most likely ought to have had at the opener? 

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United Kingdom

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ROUND 2 Oakland, CA – RingCentral Coliseum

Saturday – January 15, 2022


  • 01:05 PST 250SX Futures Qualifying Gate Pick
  • 01:20 PST 250SX Group B Qualifying 1
  • 01:35 PST 250SX Group A Qualifying 1
  • 01:50 PST 450SX Group A Qualifying 1
  • 02:05 PST 450SX Group B Qualifying 1
  • 03:00 PST 250SX Group B Qualifying 2
  • 03:15 PST 250SX Group A Qualifying 2
  • 03:30 PST 450SX Group A Qualifying 2
  • 03:45 PST 450SX Group B Qualifying 2
  • 04:20 PST 250SX Futures Main Event


  • 07:06 PST 250SX Heat 1
  • 07:20 PST 250SX Heat 2
  • 07:34 PST 450SX Heat 1
  • 07:48 PST 450SX Heat 2
  • 08:10 PST 250SX Last Chance Qualifier
  • 08:22 PST 450SX Last Chance Qualifier
  • 08:50 PST 250SX Main Event
  • 09:27 PST 450SX Main Event