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Oanda Minimum Deposit: Main Features

Oanda is one of the most popular US brokerage firms that provides traders and investors with various services. The company is regulated by highly trusted US financial watchdogs and provides top-notch financial services. The brokerage firm allows you to start with as little as $0, meaning you can decide on your own how much money you will invest in trading.

Oanda: Trading Platform and Other Features

By depositing $0, you can get access to all the features that the brokerage firm provides to its clients, including a proprietary trading terminal that is available for both desktop and mobile devices. With the Oanda platform, you will be able to buy and sell various trading instruments, as well as conduct deep market analysis.

Along with Oanda’s proprietary platform comes Metatrader 4. This is a famous trading terminal that is designed for professional traders to meet all their needs. You will find a lot of useful features inside that will help you operate with various types of assets, open market and limit orders, deeply analyze markets, etc.

Like many other brokerage firms in this niche, Oanda offers various educational programs. They will help you to quickly understand the basics of trading or even improve your knowledge of the Forex market.

How to Get Started with Oanda

Even before you top up your account with the Oanda minimum deposit, you will need to complete some steps. First and foremost, you need to create an account there. To complete this step, you will be asked to fill out a form and provide the website with your personal data. Also, you should keep in mind that only those who are 18 years old are eligible to register.

The next thing you will have to do is to verify your account. Oanda is a regulated company, and it has to meet some regulatory requirements and apply some KYC policies. To verify your identity, you need to provide the company with copies of your ID document and another document that confirms your residence and current address.

Now you can deposit funds. To do that, you can use any of the available banking options. Oanda is a US brokerage firm. Therefore, you will be asked to use the most popular US payment methods like SWIFT transfers, VISA and Mastercard, as well as PayPal.

After you top up your account, you are ready to trade. You don’t even need to download the platform as you can launch a web version of the trading terminal. However, if you want to get the most out of it, we recommend using the desktop version of the platform.

Final Thoughts

Oanda is one of the most reliable and trustworthy brokers around. The company is located in the United States and is regulated by local watchdogs. To start trading here, you need to create an account and deposit at least $0. Oanda offers many great opportunities for both novice and seasoned traders.