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Offshore Angular Developer Salary in 2020: Top Countries To Hire Programmers

Already in 2018, Angular was ranked the second most used technology after Node.js. This level of popularity is backed up by powerful elements to enable developers to craft readable, maintainable, and usable code. This technology has come a long way since its inception and remains one of the most preferred choices for creating feature-loaded web applications. 

However, if you seek for an Angular developer to trigger the digital transformation, you have to consider a wide array of factors such as the hourly price of programming services and offshore location. This article will dispel the myths about unconscionably high prices by analyzing the annual wages of Angular coders by country. If you need more information on an average Angular developer salary in top destinations, make sure to check out research done by Devox Software company.

At the end of this article, you will be able to make a hard decision and find the best money-value ratio. Without further ado, let’s get started. 


The United States leads the global landscape in lots of industries, including technological innovation. Almost 50 percent of the $5 trl IT market is concentrated in North America, mainly the US. The country also boasts the most pioneering software and information technology services industry in the world, backed by a well-versed and educated US workforce. The American IT industry generates $1.8 trillion of value-added GDP and accounts for 11.8 million jobs. 

American software companies thrive in an established, dovetailed market and never fail to deliver robust and effective solutions that make waves in the marketplace. Therefore, it’s no surprise that international players get their eyeballs on the U.S. market which is worldly-wise in almost all market segments. 

If we have a look at the Angular engineer salary across the nation, it is naturally high compared to other locations. Thus, San Francisco, which is the top innovation hub in the US, sets a high bar with beginner coders earning $96,210 to $117,120 per year. Middle-level Angular services are evaluated at $124,480-$151,960, whereas senior specialists get an annual salary of $135,300 to $162,200.

Overall, the average annual compensation varies greatly from state to state based on such pay factors as skills, education, expertise, and a tech stack.


Although 2020 has been a turbulent year for the UK and the world as a whole, the British economy is still powered by the technology sector. Among the drivers that underpin and power economic growth within the sector are perseverant demand from the US and intact foreign markets. In the first part of 2020, the Information Technology (IT) sector generated revenue of more than 2,500 billion British pounds. So it is safe to say that the US and the UK are still leading the way on cutting-edge technologies. 

In London, the median annual salaries vary from $33,825 to $46,740 for newly-minted Angular coders to $66,830- $89,790 for specialists with 3-5+ years of experience. Middle-level programmers boast annual wages of $51,660 to $68,265. 


Germany is a leading business and manufacturing location. From the historically-famous automobile industry to innovative digitalization and Industrie 4.0, this country has consistently been among the trailblazers of innovative technologies.

To this day Germany is continuing to evolve into the digital age and harness new industries, leaning on a skilled and flexible labor force. In 2020, the IT industry is accountable for a revenue of more than 88 billion euros. As the offshore wind begins to take a foothold, Germany is a mecca for new-comers to invest in. 

As in other countries, average Angular developer salaries in Germany demonstrate a huge cleft based on the city, skills, and experience. In Berlin, junior-level engineers who are just making an appearance on the tech landscape earn as much as $37,400- $45,100 per year. Middle-level programmers price their services at $50,050-$63,250, whereas programming professionals raise their annual income to $62,425- $84,425.  


Ukraine is widely known as a European Silicon Valley and an IT powerhouse. Over the past ten years, the Ukrainian tech industry has metamorphosed from a caterpillar into a disruptive butterfly that carries the local economy on its wings. As of 2020, the Ukrainian tech industry is foreseen to grow by $10 billion in value. 

Each year, technical universities churn out highly capable and adaptable young talent. No wonder that overseas companies that are looking for rare tech skills at a competitive price turn to Ukrainian offshore companies. 

If we analyze offshore Angular developer salary by country, the price-performance relation speaks for itself. Thus, in Kyiv, a beginner Angular programmer rates his/her annual services at $ $9,120-$12,392, whereas a specialist with 3+ years of experience earns around $27,000-$42,000 per year. A middle-level engineer gets as much as $15,800-$24,400.


Over recent years, Poland has been among the top locations that are creating their own deep-tech startup hubs. Recent trends show that this country could obtain the same influence level as countries in the G7 in the next few years. With many keeping tabs on the region, chances are high that Poland could soon join the tech community’s head table. 

In Warsaw, annual Angular developers with over a year of hands-on experience price their services at $17,280 to $24,480. Middle-level engineers that set up more practice can expect to earn from $24,000 to $31,488, whereas Angular masters ask for a pay raise that can reach $37,512 to $53,208 per year.


The IT industry in India is an integral part of the country’s economy. The sector has grown multifold regarding the GDP – from 1.2% in 1998 to 8% in 2020. Indian tech competencies and fortes as well as affordable prices have attracted significant investment from foreign countries. Encouraged by government initiatives, the industry is yet expected to grow to $350 bln by 2025. 

The country is also known for modest Angular coder salaries. Thus, an Angular freshman in Bangalore prices his services at around $4,680-$6,552, whereas a middle-level engineer can expect to make an annual salary of $6,630- $8,970. A specialist with more than three years of coding practice is evaluated at $9,533 to $14,950 per year.

The Bottom Line

Angular is still riding on a popularity wave even in the turbulent 2020. Whether you are a freshly launched startup or an established corporation, you need a bright Angular mind to develop a large-scale app and get it right. The total cash compensation for such services varies greatly depending on the tech expertise and location. We hope that with this tiny guide you are now better equipped to hire the perfect Angular software developer.