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On the Way to the Temple Ceremony, Buy the Winning Lottery Ticket of 13 Billion

Many lottery players have to consider and choose carefully and carefully calculate the numbers but still won’t win the prize. However, there are people who only buy lottery tickets on the way home or when traveling, standing in the rain and then easily buy lottery tickets or pick up random numbers and they suddenly win the jackpot. 

In addition to the traditional lottery, online lotteries are easy to find anywhere, anytime. Online lottery Thabet also offers a wide variety of lottery types such as: Chinese lottery, 1 minute lottery, Lotobet, Mega 6/45, etc.

Here are some examples of unexpected lottery winnings that give buyers a big prize, as purchases are not intentional.  

Buying tickets for fun, the female customer of Da Nang won over 13 billion VND

Ms. N.T.L.P – owner of the Jackpot prize – said that on the morning of December 7, 2018, she only bought 1 ticket for fun. Unexpectedly, the next night, her husband searched for the result, when he suddenly discovered that the ticket had won the Jackpot worth 13,327,206,000 VND.

Ms. P received the Jackpot prize worth VND 13.3 billion.

Ms. N.T.L.P also shared that, before becoming a Jackpot owner, Ms. P and her husband won small prizes. In particular, all the tickets she buys are randomized by the system.

Buying tickets when going to the temple, the female customer of Dak Lak won 22.8 billion VND

Previously, Khanh Hoa Branch (belonging to Vietlott) also awarded the Mega 6/45 Jackpot for the 37th QSMT period. Mrs. L.T.H from Dak Lak has received VND 22.8 billion.

Ms. L.T.H received the Jackpot of VND 22.8 billion.

Ms. L.T.H – The jackpot prize owner, said that she often buys Vietlott’s chosen lottery ticket every time she goes to the temple for nearly 1 year. On December 5, 2018, on the way to the pagoda ceremony, she stopped by the Point of Sale and randomly purchased 03 sets of numbers. After obtaining the result, her son L.T.H helped her to track numbers and knew her mother was lucky to become the owner of the Jackpot.

Buy tickets on the way home to visit, winning tens of billions VND

Recently, Khanh Hoa Branch (belonging to Vietlott) held a Jackpot prize for 1 Power product 6/55 times to open the 201st lucky draw. Mr. T.C from Dak Lak has received VND 41.3 billion.

Mr. T.C said he bought the lottery for more than 2 years now. In November, when he returned to his hometown to visit his home, he visited the point of sale and bought 2 tickets continuously and selected his favorite numbers for 2 consecutive periods on 11/10/2018 and 13/11/2018. One day later, he spotted the number and was surprised to learn that he had won the Jackpot 1.

Choose a few numbers randomly, suddenly hit 75 billion

At the 238 lottery draw of Vietlott lottery-type Mega 6/45 place on January 26, Mr. X.Đ (living in Dong Nai province) also unexpectedly won a jackpot worth more than 75 billion Viet Nam dong.

Mr. XĐ mentioned in Dan Tri newspaper that he often held a pen and randomly marked on the board, which number he liked Mr. Đ, he marked that number. Mr. Đ. Fill all 6 menus. When he knew he won the prize, especially the Jackpot prize with terrible value, Mr. Đ. is very surprise

Going to get business goods on Tet Holiday, unexpectedly hit the jackpot of 5.9 billion

Also in January 2018, Mr. T. (from Vinh Long) was lucky to win the Jackpot 2 of Power 6/55, worth more than VND 5.9 billion.

Mr. T won the lottery by chance. When passing TP. Can Tho to get goods for Tet, Mr. T. took advantage of a stop at a Vietlott lottery station in Xuan Khanh ward, Ninh Kieu district to buy a ticket and was lucky enough to win the Jackpot 2 of Power 6 / 55 worth more than 5.9 billion VND.

Accidentally picked up 2,000 VND, suddenly hit 5.7 billion

According to the Vietnam Family news, the life of driver Phan Quoc Thuy (hometown of Ngoc Hoi district, Kon Tum province) has changed his life after winning the Jackpot 2 worth more than VND 5.7 billion of the self-selected lottery Power 6/55.

Thuy said that winning the jackpot came from the fact that he accidentally picked up a 2,000 VND banknote. The serial number of the banknote was used by him to buy the lottery numbers of Vietlott.

Buy a ticket when traveling, accidentally won 1.5 billion VND

According to information on Viet Q, at the lucky draw number 68 on January 4, 2018, Vietlott determined there were 3 winning tickets for Jackpot 2, each prize worth 1,541,505,584 VND. Jackpot 2 of Power 6/55 type appeared in all three regions. One of the 3 lucky winning tickets of Jackpot 2 was issued at a sales point on Ly Thuong Kiet Street, TP. Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh.

The owner of this Jackpot 2 is from Hanoi. During a trip with his relatives in Binh Dinh, Mr. T.H.M tried his luck by buying a lottery ticket of Vietlott in Binh Dinh. Unexpectedly, the ticket purchased randomly during the tour earned Mr. M a prize worth 1.5 billion VND .

While sheltering from the rain, buy lottery tickets for fun, won the jackpot 112 billion VND

On September 25, 2017, on the way to work, it suddenly rained, Mr. N.T.L (a native of Dong Nai province) hurriedly pulled the car to the curb of Nguyen Ai Quoc (Tan Phong Ward, Bien Hoa City) to avoid rain. Mr. L. found himself standing in front of a shop selling Vietlott’s lottery tickets, so he thought of buying a lottery ticket “for fun”. However, luck has come to Mr. L. 

On the evening of September 27, 2017, Vietlott issued a notice at the 186 th prize drawing for Mega 6/45 lottery jackpot with jackpots worth more than VND 112 billion. The pairs of numbers in the winning sequence are 10-19-33-34-35-45.

The line of winning numbers mentioned above is also the sequence of numbers in the ticket Mr. L is holding. Mr. L. suddenly received over 112 billion VND

How about you? How often do you buy lottery tickets?

Nowadays, buying lottery online has become so popular and easy. But have you ever tried your luck with a few clicks? Try it! Buying lottery tickets for fun, and if you’re lucky, winning the prize will be even more fun. Good luck!