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Online Fax Services

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Online fax services are the upgrade of traditional fax machines. If you want to improve the operations of your business, you might want to consider using online fax services. 

One of the most convenient ways of sending physical documents is faxing. In fact, businesses have used faxing for several years. 

However, traditional faxing is now slow and expensive. There are cheaper options for sending physical documents. In addition, it is not easy to manage and store physical documents from faxing. 

Therefore, businesses can use online fax services to mitigate the disadvantages of physical fax machines. It is convenient to use email to send and receive documents. 

Using email can even help businesses retain the main purposes of faxing. 

If you want to upgrade the operations of your business, you might want to use an online fax machine near me

Here are some of the top reasons to use online faxing for your business: 

The Benefits of Using Online Fax Services 

Easy to Use 

It is easy to use an online fax service. If you do not want to spend more money on a fax machine, you can choose an online fax service. 

It is even easy to use an online fax service to convert your documents into different file formats. You will just choose the file format you want. 

It is also simple to fax from your phone. 

You can even use your desktop computer or mobile device to access your online fax service. Once you access your online fax service, you just download documents or attach the documents you want to send. 


It is more secure to use online faxing services. So, you can use them to manage your business data. However, if you use traditional fax machines, you will leave your documents in the open. 

Do not use traditional fax machines since criminals can get your business data

Some business owners do not use online faxing services. This is because they are afraid of hackers. They believe someone can access their email at

Hackers can hack your email if there are weak points in your network. 

Therefore, you will need to choose a reliable online fax service. They can better protect your business data from hackers. They encrypt data when you are sending them. 

Once the recipient gets the data, they use their personal account to access the data. 

It is much better to choose a reliable and trustworthy online fax service company. This is because it uses highly secure communication channels, email confirmation, and secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to secure data. 

It is Affordable 

One of the reasons to use online faxing service is it can reduce your operational costs. You will only pay for what you will use. You will not pay extra charges. 

It is even easy to compare the monthly subscriptions of online fax services. Therefore, you can choose a plan that suits the number of pages you want to send every month. 

If you know your business needs, you must choose a plan that suits these needs. If you are not planning to send several pages every month, choose a cheaper plan. You can use the plan to send fewer pages every month. 

In addition, you need to compare the amount these services charge per page. Especially if you are not planning to send a fixed number of pages every month. 

Online fax services use cloud storage services. Therefore, you can use them to reduce your paper wastes. 

It costs money to maintain a physical machine. So, use an online faxing service to avoid this cost. 

It is expensive to purchase a high-capacity fax machine. You may even have to spend more money to hire an expert to maintain and service your fax machine. 

You will also need a dedicated phone line for your machine. This can cost you more money. 

In addition, you will spend more money on electricity and paper.

It costs more money to use physical fax machines. Therefore, you can use virtual or online fax services to reduce or eliminate these costs. 

If you want to send documents, you can use your computer or even a mobile device to send the documents. This is much cheaper than using a physical fax machine. 

Portability and Convenience 

It is easy to manage your faxes or documents on the cloud. It is even easy to access the documents. If you can connect your device to the internet, you can manage your documents. 

Online faxing allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere. It is, therefore, more convenient for businesses with remote workers to use online faxing. 

If you have an external sales team, use online faxing to send signed documents from your mobile device. Your employees will not have to travel to and from your office to get the signed documents. 

It is more convenient to use online fax services to send the necessary documents. 

Environment Friendly 

If your business uses traditional fax machines, you are more likely to use a huge amount of paper according to business expert Paul Leongas

Using paper is not good for the environment. Why? It leads to deforestation and the emission of harmful greenhouse gas. 

You may already know the disadvantages of deforestation on our environment. 

If you also use traditional fax machines, you are more likely to consume too much electricity. Why? A traditional machine uses electricity to send and receive faxed documents. 

You will have to keep your fax machines on, even if you are not in your office. This is because a fax machine receives faxes when it is on. 

Once you switch to online faxing, you will reduce your paper usage and reduce your energy consumption. Therefore, you will not only reduce your utility bills. You will also save the environment. 

Better Document Organization

If you receive more than ten faxes every day, you will have several faxes every month. It is challenging to organize several faxed documents. 

If you use an online fax service, you will use cloud storage to store your documents in one location. It is easy to access your documents. You do not have to go through several papers to get the necessary documents. 

You can also access your files from anywhere. 

Easy to Sign Documents 

If you want to send signed documents to your employees, you can use online services. You will just sign your documents before sending them. 

There is an electronic signature feature in most online fax services. You can use this feature to sign your faxes on your computer or mobile phone.