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Online Gambling Regulators Advised by RGA

The most well-respected names in online gambling all have one thing in common – they’re represented by the Remote Gaming Association or RGA.

And recently, the RGA went one step further. By putting together an information-pack with the intention of aiding these top regulators in their quest to create effective and fair technical standards, their hope is to make things easier all around. Something which is certainly appreciated when so many rules are involved which change every year.

Where online casino gambling is concerned, it’s fair to say that the RGA has long been an important part of the process.

Their objective has always been the same – regulate online gambling both nationally and internationally, and do so by using its own broad guidelines to create an equal playing field for everyone involved.

The RGA is also quoted as stating that although technology and innovation may create new hurdles for regulators to overcome, these things also help drive forward the potential to close the gap on crime and offer consumers an enhanced level of protection. Things which other groups – such as the International Association of Gaming Regulators – hold as a common goal.

What the new RGA Guidelines intend to do

By using their past knowledge concerning consumer experience and technical data about the market, the RGA is seeking to help aid the creation of new technical standards that are even more effective.

These will be applied across the board and cover gambling and betting in all its online shapes and forms. By focusing on keeping online gambling fair and right for all, consumers should feel safer knowing that the RGA is working with each link in the chain to create an environment which doesn’t favour any one particular party.

Clive Hawkswood, the chief executive officer at the RGA, has been particularly vocal in speaking about the group’s commitment. His view is that by keeping standards proportionate, consistent and practical, the benefits should be universal across the industry.

More to the point, Hawkswood has said that the guidelines have no bearing in terms of self-regulation and that nowadays more than ever, regulations are strictly enforced where multiple jurisdictions are concerned.

In short, the new guidelines will do one thing which everyone can agree with: create a set of rules which can be followed in multiple countries, so that online gambling becomes more even and fewer surprises appear in the near future and long-term.