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Online Slot Strategy – How to Beat the Casino in 2022

Did you know slot machines are programmed to lose? No kidding. The whole design of slot games (or translated to Vietnamese is: no hu or nổ hũ) is engineered to drain your wallet, whether it’s intentional or not. But unlike the old days where slot machines were just mechanical slot wheels spinning on their own, these new slot games are computer chips that you can program so that slot machines are rigged for you to win.

Yes, just like your PC or laptop. You can program slot games with special rules to beat the casino in 2022.

     This space is pretty slim, so before we begin let me share a little background information on slot machines in the casino. You can skip this part if you already know slot machines pretty well…

     A slot machine is the most popular game in casinos across the USA, with many slot players spending more than $300 billion each year. Slot tournaments are also becoming very popular over the last decade. It’s growing larger every year!

     Now, slot games are designed so that if you bet small enough, say 25 cents per spin, you have a 50/50 chance of losing your money back. The casino makes its money from slot players that play long enough before they figure this out and walk away with a few dollars in winnings. With slot tournaments, you can win slot play credits worth $100,000 or more!

     This is how slot tournaments work. You buy in for $55 or so and receive 100 slot play credits. To win the prize money on the slot machine, your slot score on your slot machine must exceed a certain amount of points within an allotted slot tournament slot time.

     How does this slot score accumulate? A slot machine score is not like a video game score but rather based on the “coin in” or how much money you play on the slot game. For example, if you bet $1 per spin, then your slot score is +100 (one hundred slot play credits). If you bet $5 per slot spin, your slot score is +500 (five hundred slot play credits). The maximum slot score allowed on any slot machine game is 2,000 slot play credits.

     So let’s say you are playing slots and depending on how much money you bet determines how many slot points you will earn. Let’s say you bet $1 per slot spin and your slot score is +100 slot play credits. That means if you are betting $25 per slot spin, your slot score is +250 slot play credits…

     If you are playing casino slots at a rate of 20 spins per minute (this is pretty slow) then your slot score is 16,000 slot play credits every hour.

     The slot tournament slot point requirement to win usually is in the 12,000 slot play credit range. That means you have to bet the max possible bet, which on most slot machines is $5 per spin.

     So you figure slot tournaments are a pretty easy way to win slot play credits, but let’s put this in perspective. If you had an unlimited bankroll and could bet the maximum amount on slot machines without going broke, then yes slot tournaments would be easy to win. But the reality is that it’s very hard for the average slot player to stay afloat betting $5 a slot spin on slot machines.

     Back to the slot machine programming… Since slot games are engineered for players betting small amounts of money, about 50% of all slot players lose more than they win. If you go into a casino and stand near slot machines, you’ll notice slot players constantly feeding slot machines coins. Why do slot players feed slot machines coins?

    Because slot machines are programmed so that you have a 50/50 chance of losing money back to the casino. So slot players keep pumping more and more slot machine coins into slot games, thinking they will eventually win the jackpot or whatever slot jackpot is available.

     However, slot players that bet small slot machine coins are also losing slot play credits at a similar rate of 50/50 of winning and losing… So if you go to the casino, watch slot player behavior next time… It’s pretty amusing!

     As for slot machine tips… Unless you are a slot player with an unlimited bankroll, slot tournaments are not your best option for slot play credits. Slot players would be better off playing slot machines in the free slot play area. You can win slot play credits there too but it’s harder to do.

     Another slot machine tip is to think of slot play score terms… If you play slot machines at the rate of 50 slot spins per hour, then your slot play is worth $1,000 slot play credits an hour. That’s why it is important to set a slot machine bankroll (how much money you can lose playing slots) and stick with it. Over time, if you set slot machine limits for yourself, your slot play score will be better than slot players that do not.

     So what are slot machine tips? It’s to understand slot game odds so you can maximize your slot scores over time. This takes hours of slot play but the only way to gain slot knowledge is by playing slot games and slot tournaments.

     Slot machine tips are all about slot strategy… Because slot strategy, when mastered, will help you beat the casino in 2022!


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