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Online Tools Supporting PDF 2.0 Version

How to specify version in PDF ? PDF 2.0 is the ISO 32000-2 standard formulated by the International Organization for Standardization , and the era of PDF 2.0 will come soon in the future. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the method of making a PDF version and explain the specifications and added functions of the PDF2.0 version.

PDF 2.0 specification

PDF 2.0 is a term defined in the ISO 32000-2 standard (ISO 32000-2 specification) developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) . A PDF file is said to be PDF 2.0 compliant if the PDF version number specified in the ISO 32000-2 specification corresponds to 2.0 and the PDF 2.0 specification is explicitly required by the ISO 32000-2 specification. This means that it is written to meet all required features. Note that it does not necessarily include all functions specified in the ISO 32000-2 specification, as it does not have to include optional items.

How to specify version in PDF?

When creating or editing a PDF file, specify the version as follows.

A PDF file can be marked in two places with the version number of the PDF specification to which the file conforms.

A header near the beginning of the PDF file specifies the PDF version. For example, PDF 2.0 will write “%PDF–2.0” in the first line of the header.

Starting with PDF 1.4, the PDF version can also be specified as the value of the key version in the document directory location in the PDF file.

A PDF file can be updated by adding new content without touching previous content (incremental update). If you change the PDF version via an incremental update, write the new version number into the Version key of the catalog dictionary. This allows you to update the version associated with the file by overriding the version specified in the file header.

New features of PDF 2.0

In PDF 2.0, the encryption method in Security Settings has been changed to a stronger encryption method for enhanced security. Therefore, PDF readers that only support PDF 1.7 or earlier features cannot open PDF files with a security setting of PDF 2.0. Also, PDF 1.7 or earlier passwords are deprecated if you specify the PDF version as 2.0. Therefore, PDF 1.7 or earlier encryption methods cannot be used with files whose security setting is PDF version 2.0.

In this case, if security is set for a PDF file using the PDF 2.0 function, PDF processing software that does not support PDF 2.0 will not be able to process it at all. This is something to be aware of.

Online tool supporting PDF 2.0 version

Now, you don’t need to worry about being unable to process PDF files of version 2.0, the online tools on the AbcdPDF platform aggregation page all support PDF version 2.0. You can convert PDF format with free tools, such as pdf to excel , or convert PDF format files to JPG with convert pdf to jpg .

Anyway, when you start using PDF 2.0, it seems that there will be a lot of PDFs that cannot be handled by older PDF software. PDFs are exchanged over the web, so it’s hard to say you’re not using PDF 2.0. It may be necessary to prepare for the migration as early as possible.


How to specify version in PDF ? This article introduces you the online tools that support PDF 2.0 version. You can prepare for the future in advance. Now bookmark pdf to excel, convert pdf to jpg two tools that support 2.0 or the AbcdPDF platform front page.