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Online Trading Academy Focuses on Everyday Investors with New Crypto Program 

The Online Trading Academy is an industry leader in trading and investing education. Originally founded in 1997 as one of the largest trading floors in the United States,.   Founder, Eyal Shahar, realized that there was a large knowledge gap between Wall Street and Main Street investors.  He began offering classes to help every day investors learn the strategies used by Wall Street.  

Understanding that education is the glue that holds great concepts together, the team at Online Trading Academy would shift its focus from trade to education, opting instead to provide individual investors with the tools and skills they need to make confident trades going forward.

Technology and Change: A Decentralized Future

According to CEO and OTA founder Eyal Shahar, an education gap is where the best traders depart from the average everyday trader. In a fast-paced industry thriving on FOMO, Mr. Shahar understands that making investing more accessible can lead to better trades for individuals across the spectrum of experience. Shahar stated, “The explosion of digital assets and cryptocurrency feels a lot like the 90s.  Then, most investors didn’t have the skills and tools to trade responsibly. It’s no different today in the crypto space”

In 2001, Online Trading Academy made the decision to pivot solely to education, rallying around state-of-the-art facilities while providing home study materials that are accessible on the internet. A wide range of classes online as well as on-location are geared toward providing individual investors and traders (novice or experienced) with the specific tools they need to succeed. From focusing on risk management and trading fundamentals to developing execution skills for any trading instrument, OTA endeavors to attend to every major industry concept.

Responsible Risk Management and Crypto FOMO

As one of the foundations of the Online Trading Academy, teaching responsible risk management is threaded into every aspect of student learning.  Merlin Rothfield is a Senior Director for OTA’s Crypto Education Program and he had this to say, “Decentralized finance is like the beginning of the internet – it is exciting, but it can be very risky.”

One of the focal areas taught by Mr. Shahar and the team at OTA is a program centered on Digital Assets. This program is integral for the understanding of cryptocurrency as well as its overarching impact on the future of investing. Merlin Rothfield would go on to say, “Digital Assets are so much more than Bitcoin.”

Speaking on the Fear of Missing Out as well as the ease of access that decentralized investing provides, Rothfield and the OTA staff have their concerns. Rothfield says, “My greatest fear is that people are so excited, they have so much FOMO, that they will simply fly blind.”

Deciding to instead use their position as an industry leader, Online Trading Academy is committed to leveling the playing field for digital investors by providing educational insights that can make an actionable difference in their future. While the Digital Assets program provides a set of comprehensive on-demand lessons, it is far from an on-the-rails experience. Digital Assets provides more than five hours of self-study topics that can be completed at a pace that is comfortable for the student. Tuition for this course begins at $299.

Prospective investors looking for general education before leaping into a paid course may enjoy Online Trading Academy’s free introductory class, Crypto Foundations. Crypto Foundations is a program that features six lessons that round out our understanding of crypto, digital assets, and investing.