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The PNG is the most popular uncompressed raster image file. This file was developed initially as a GIF replacement. Moreover, PNG files have no copyright limitations, making them a freely usable resource. In addition, a see-through backdrop is shown. These documents include 24 GB of color schemes and most grayscale images.

GIF is an alternative image file. You can use that to save a bunch of different photos. So, when people use GIFs, they refer to the moving GIFs commonly stored on their computers. Some of the possible reasons why to PNG to GIF converter can be a challenge for users are:

  • Converting a high-quality PNG to a GIF could result in losing image quality.
  • The parts of the partially transparent image in a PNG may appear jagged or pixelated in a GIF.
  • Converting a static PNG to a GIF with animation requires additional software and skills. This can challenge users unfamiliar with graphic design tools or animations.
  • GIF files can be much larger than PNG files, especially if the GIF includes animation. This can make it more difficult to upload or share the file.
  • Some platforms or applications may not support GIFs or may require specific settings for the GIF to work correctly, which can also add to the challenge.

Online file converter

When it comes to free online file converters, Onlineconvertfree is the best option. Use this tool if you’re ready to transform any input into any output. This application can transform any file type into another, including but not limited to Microsoft Word documents, Portable Document Format (PDF) files, JPEG images, XML documents, and database files. In under a minute, an online convert free image converter will complete your request and send the results in the format of your choice.

In addition to converting documents, it can change the structure of audio files, images, books, and archives. Onlineconvertfree is a great tool for converting between various audio formats. In addition, can transform MOBI and TIFF files into PDF documents.

а. How does convert PNG to GIF?

Drag and place an a.gif file or select one from your computer to begin the conversion process. The next step is to decide what file type you want to use. After deciding on a format, you can convert your file by clicking the “convert” button and waiting for the program to complete.

b. What tools and features are available for users on

  • Fast and Convenient

You don’t have to sign up, provide personal information, or even include a watermark to change your gifs to any 250+ supported formats; simply drag and drop them onto the webpage.

  • Security is not a concern.

We immediately remove any.gif files you submit. After 24 hours, converted files are automatically removed. In addition, we use robust SSL security to safeguard all data transmissions.

  • The cloud is where we keep all of our data.

Putting in new software is not required of you. We do all the work for you in the cloud, so you won’t even need a powerful machine to convert gifs.

Comparison with alternative online file converters (2 converters)

  • Convertio File Converter 

Convertio is one of the finest online image converters, and you can use it for free if you have internet access. Converting from PNG to GIF is as simple as 1-2-3 with the assistance of this online tool. While the format of your PNG images can be modified in this application, unfortunately, it cannot be used to create animated GIFs. Moreover, PNG to GIF converter results in a smaller, more compressed file. Following are detailed instructions on how to convert your picture to GIF format. Be sure to keep to them as we move forward.

  1. First, launch by searching for it in your preferred web browser.
  2. Second, select Insert > Choose File,
  3. Then navigate to where you saved the file and press Open.
  • AnyConv

To quickly and simply convert animated PNG to GIF, try the Any Conv Anyconv. Even though the online tool’s user interface could use some work, it’s okay. The utility can be useful, but intrusive advertisements plague the website. The advertisements completely overwhelm the size of the utility. However, it will remove the converted file from the internet afterward to protect your anonymity. However, unlike Convertio, the tool only handles a limited number of formats.

  1. First, fire up your online browser and go to
  2. Select “Choose File,” then “open” the file from its subdirectory.
  3. The third step is to select the GIF from the drop-down menu and then change the style.

Guide to using, a PNG-to-GIF converter:

Without the hassle of downloading and installing additional software, you can use to quickly and easily convert your images at no cost. Convert your.png files to.gif or any other format with a few keystrokes.

You can quickly and easily change your.png image to a.gif using these instructions.

Here are the simple measures you can take to transform your animation into a png

  • First, please select a png-format image to upload.

You can convert a png image by dragging and dropping it from your computer, a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox, or by selecting it from a local file on your computer.

  • Secondly, click “to animation.”

Select gif as the output file or any other 200+ supported formats.

  • Third, save the image to your computer.

To save your converted file in gif format, please wait for the conversion to finish and then select the download button.


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