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Ontario Rental Application Form: Detailed Manual

Applying For A Rental In Ontario: How to fill out Ontario rental application form?

If you are looking for the Rental Application Ontario Form details, you might need to rent the place to live. To avoid an extra headache from the damaged property, uncertainty in lease rules, and wasting the time you might have already run out, you have to use an Ontario Rental Application Form. The document is required to be filled by state law.

What Is an Ontario Rental Application?

The document also known as Form 410 is widely used in Ontario for lease. It was created for citizens of Ontario or anyone who is willing to live there to help with the rental procedure. This form contains information about you and your family which the realtor will use to provide you with the most appropriate offers. The Application to rent Ontario property does not require any extra documents.

How to Fill Out an Ontario Rental Application?

The form is not that complicated; it is only one page long and contains the information about you and your family. The form is free of charge, and you can easily find it on this website. There is a section for signatures. Follow the next steps:

  1. Write down your name, date, and monthly rental you are willing to pay on top of the page.
  2. Write down your name, date of birth, Social Insurance Number, driver’s license, and occupation.
  3. Provide similar information about the other person you will be living with. If more tenants are expected, you have to include the data about them as well.
  4. If you have pets, you have to describe them.
  5. Name the reason for leaving the current place of residence. Write down the addresses of the last two residences if you lived more than in one. You have to provide the name of the landlord and their phone.
  6. Describe your current job, including occupation, business address, supervisor’s name, and monthly salary. Provide similar information about the previous employment you had.
  7. Provide the same details about your spouse if you are going to live together. Repeat the procedure with the previous job.
  8. Name the bank where you keep your money, the number of chequing, and your savings account.
  9. Provide the information about financial obligations if you have some: whom you pay to and how much.
  10. Fill the section of Personal References with name, address, phone, acquaintance duration, and occupation.
  11. If you have a car, you need to file the section Automobiles. You may attach the driver’s license to the form if your agent asks for it. In case you have several cars, describe them too.
  12. Put your signature and date. If there are two applicants, the second one must also sign the document and indicate the date.

Important Clauses in the Ontario Rental Application

The information you provide stays private, which is guarded by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. A potential landlord may need such information in Ontario Landlord Tenant Forms:

  • current and past employment;
  • your and your spouse’s income;
  • previous rentals, including the phones of your previous landlords and reasons why you’ve left;
  • information about your bank and finances;
  • personal contacts;
  • credit references.

If you have any concerns about the safety of the data provided, you may consult with your realtor. However, the landlord still has to check your identity and finances before the agreement is signed. Ensure you can prove your ability to pay the rent.

How to Submit an Ontario Rental Application?

It is not an official agreement between the two parties. You simply apply for the apartment you want to rent. The form may be asked by a landlord. Your real estate agent may offer to fill the document and use the information to search for the best option for you. You can either print the form and give it to the landlord personally or complete it online and send it by email. If the landlord believes you are a suitable candidate for the apartment, you will have to fill out more papers before you rent anything.

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