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Our 10 Safety Tips for Online Dating

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1. Do Proper Research

You need to do a simple search online before your meet your date. This does not mean you stalk the person. Do some research to at least have some idea of who you are meeting. You can search for pictures of the person. However, do not just rely on Instagram and Facebook. You can get more information about the person on Google, so read additional information about the person online. Likewise you should research the dating site that you decide to use. Find the best dating sites at, or check out Naturally Dating.

2. Use a Google Voice Number Instead of Your Own

Getting a free Google Voice phone number can improve your safety. You will never give out your real phone number if you have the Google Voice app. Use the app to check your messages, voicemails, and calls. If you are uncomfortable with someone, you can just block them. Give your personal number to people you know and trust. Once you are comfortable with someone, you can give them your personal number. 

3. Video Chat Your Date Before You Meet 

It is easy to video chat these days. You can use Skype, Facebook, FaceTime, and even Google Hangouts for video calls. It is a good idea to see your date before you meet them. Some people can “catfish” you, so video chats can help you know if the person is really who they say they are. 

4. Talk On the Phone Before Your First Date

Talk to your date on the phone before the first date. It is a good idea because it allows you to hear the person talking. Texts or instant messaging hide verbal cues, so talk on the phone to pick up on them. Talking on the phone also helps you feel out the person before meeting them.

5. Take Public Transportation or Drive Yourself 

If your date invites you to carpool, do not accept it. If possible, drive yourself or use public transportation. 

CoffeeMeetsBagel, a dating app, suggests this online dating safety tip. This is because carpooling allows your date to know where you stay, so they can control where you will go. 

Drive yourself to avoid putting yourself in uncomfortable or dangerous situations. Taking your own car gives you complete over where you will go.

6. Meet Your Date in a Public Place

Do not meet your date in a private location, especially on your first or second date. You can meet at a public place instead. Ensure there are a lot of people around that place. The best public place is a skating rink, café, restaurant, and any other crowded public place. If you feel uncomfortable, you can talk to the people around you. They can help you. You can also ask your friend or family member to accompany you or just be in the vicinity to look over you. 

If you are going to a restaurant or bar and something goes wrong, let a waitress or bartender know immediately. You can use a code with them because some bars use secret codes. For instance, you can ask for “Angel Shot” to notify a staff member that there is something wrong.

7. Tell Someone Else About Your Date 

Give important details to someone else. Tell the person where you are going, who your date is, and when you expect to get back home. In eHarmony’s tips for a safe and successful first date, eHarmony recommends you do this. You will be comfortable knowing your close friend knows where you are going.