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Overview of Software Engineer Salaries in Legal US Online Casinos

The popularity of online gaming is influenced by several factors:

  • New cutting-edge technologies become more accessible every year.
  • More nations worldwide have passed legislation allowing real money gambling at internet casinos.
  • Increasing player confidence in gambling websites.
  • Increased accessibility owing to mobile-friendly websites and smartphone apps.

As users, we tend to overlook the element of the market that offers an increasing number of prospects for online casino jobs. Various roles are offered, including those for live dealers, game developers, cybersecurity specialists, and creative marketers. The expanding job options in the casino market paint a clear image of the importance of the sector to our society and the states that made these markets legitimate. 

Just look at New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, they all have gained new stable sources of tax revenue. If you are interested in finding out more on this subject, you should check out iGamingMI, a site that covers everything that has to do with Michigan’s gaming industry. The government receives tax revenue, gamblers can play their favorite games, and as new websites are launched, there is an increased need for professionals in the casino industry. 

Today let’s find out how much software engineers are expected to earn in three of the major online casinos in the US.

Casinos That Employ Developers in US’s Online Casino Market


Currently DraftKings have quite a few vacancies for software engineers. Software engineers who work for DraftKings earn an annual salary of around $215,000 which is 49% above the national average (hereinafter based on the research conducted by the Indeed employment website). Software engineers earn around $138,500 per year which is 29% above the national level. Senior software engineers earn an annual salary of around $141,000 which is 15% above the national average.


MGM Resorts International also offers quite a wide variety of vacancies for software engineers. According to the information available, software engineers are going to earn an annual salary of roughly $80,000, which is 25% lower than the national average. Senior software engineers are going to earn an annual salary of around $90,590, which is 26% below the national average. 

Salary ranges differ greatly depending on a number of important factors, such as education, experience, and additional skills one may possess.


FanDuel offers a lot of opportunities for employment for software engineers. A software engineer at FanDuel is expected to earn an annual salary of around $129,000 which is 20% higher than the national average. A junior software engineer is expected to earn an annual salary of roughly around $92,750. A senior software engineer is expected to earn an annual salary of $134,500. And last but not least, a principal software engineer is going to earn around $173,700 per year.

Opportunities of a Growing Market

The pandemic created new possibilities for work in the online gaming industry. Dealers were in high demand as more casinos offered live gaming. Due to travel limits and social distancing rules, the majority of the hires were done remotely. Marketing specialists, software engineers, legal counsel, and payment experts can all work effectively from the comfort of their homes.