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Own Hiro Ando’s Artwork With Samurai Cats NFTs

Non-fungible tokens have revolutionized the way people see and appreciate art. While this new technology can be utilized for different use cases, most investors focus on its digital art component. With NFTs dominating the crypto world in 2021, they’re anticipated to get even bigger this year.

It’s easy to get lost in the wonderful world of NFTs. With so many projects out there, it can be challenging to decide where to put your money especially as a beginner. If you want to invest in NFTs that are created by an actual prominent artist, you shouldn’t look further than Samurai Cats NFTs.

Hiro Ando Takes on the Metaverse

The man behind Samurai Cats NFTs is none other than Hiro Ando, a well-respected icon of Japanese contemporary art. Hiro started out as an illustrator but soon found himself working on all kinds of media, including videos, sculptures, and paintings. The prevailing theme of his work revolves around blending traditional and modern Japanese cultural representations, drawing inspiration from iconic characters such as the sumo wrestler, the samurai, and Hello Kitty.

If there’s one thing that defines Hiro’s career thus far, it’s his cat series designs which he started in 2006. This series represents Hiro’s playful twist to the maneki-neko or the lucky cat, an ever-present figure across Japan best known for bringing luck. Hiro has since released several sculptural editions, including SumoCat, WarriorCat, and UrbanCat.

Samurai Cats Go Digital

Now, anyone who’s interested to own a Hiro Ando masterpiece can invest in Samurai Cats NFTs. These NFTs are randomly assembled from a collection of 300 hand-drawn images by Hiro himself. In total, 4,747 Samurai Cats are up for grabs, with some possessing greater rarity than others.

Characterized by vivid colors, distinctive faces, unique outfits, these Samurai Cats NFTs have all the makings of an attractive collectible item for digital art enthusiasts. Aside from the ability to own a Hiro Ando masterpiece, there’s also the opportunity to turn a profit by flipping the NFTs to fellow investors and art lovers. Owning a Samurai Cat NFT comes with several benefits, including gaining access to the exclusive Galerie Club, getting invited to private drops, and being able to discuss with artists about new projects. 

While the private sale only started on December 19, 2021, Samurai Cats NFTs are already gaining ground, thanks to the support of Hiro fans around the globe. Among them is EDM icon, Steve Aoki. Steve never hides his love and passion for all things creative. He owns a Samurai Cat physical sculpture, and he extends his collection by now owning Samurai Cats NFTs.

You can see the massive collection of Samurai Cats NFTs at OpenSea. At the moment, the Whitelist sales are ongoing, enabling anyone on the list to get NFTs before everyone else. The official public sales will be announced soon on the official Samurai Cats Twitter and Discord channel. If you want to start your year with a worthwhile and profitable investment, it’s time to delve into the world of Samurai Cats NFTs and own a piece of art from one of Japan’s most acclaimed neo-pop artists.