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“Paint Protection Films Market”– A Booming Business Opportunity for Wrappers and Detailers


Paint Protection Film (PPF), also known as Clear Bra, is an 8mil thick clear flexible film, made out of polyurethane. The back of the car is covered with a special adhesive specifically designed for safe adhesion to your vehicle’s surface.

According to the SNS Insider report indicates that the Paint Protection Film Market was valued at USD 480 Million in 2022, and is expected to reach market size of USD 731.08 Million by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% expected over the forecast period from 2023 to 2030.

Key Features:

  • Self-Healing- Most scratches disappear with heat.
  • Explicit Textures- glossy, matte finishes Under the most extreme conditions, the film of Discoloration and Stain Resistance remains clear. 
  • Non yellowing – film will not yellow from UV exposure.
  • The Edge Seal Technology-film will not begin to lift on the edges. 
  • The protection of the Mirror Smooth Finish should be indistinguishable from the factory paint. 
  • Durability and superior protection against impact.

Paint Protection Film Benefits:

  • Protection against chips, scuffs and scratches on rocks. 
  • Protection from dust, spills, bird faeces and bug guts. 
  • In order to protect against the adverse effects of UV light 
  • Ease of repairability 
  • Preserveness of resale value Extensive product warranty

Recent Development

In September, 2021, the performance films of PremiumShield were purchased by the Eastman Chemical Company. They’ve acquired the company and its assets, including a large number of film patterns for cars.

In October 2021, for a multiyear period, XPEL, Inc., a global manufacturer of protective films and coatings, has been named a sponsor of the Mercedes Benz Club of America, Inc.’s exclusive paint protection film, ceramic coating, and window film. As a result of current sponsorship efforts, the XPEL brand has been recognised and used by tens of thousands of Mercedes Benz fans who are enthusiastic participants in clubsponsored activities and events. A number of opportunities for membership will also be made available to XPEL via the club’s communication channels and content platform.


The obvious one advantage is how there is no tons of rock chips and that “peppered” look on the front end or rocker panels. Then there’s the fact that it’s protecting you from random scratches that can happen every day, like a kid walking next to a car with a bike, loading stuff in the trunk, opening the door too far and hitting the wall.  There are other specific uses for it, such as using it on sensitive interior trim that can scratch easily, engine bay areas where hoses and wires can scratch the paint and lens of the headlights to prevent yellowing, along with chips, of course.  Other random uses of film include areas around the vehicle where paint is scratched by products like plastic door sills, window trim touches the top of doors and roof rack area in order to prevent scuffs during movement.

Key Challenges and Future Outlook

  • The market for paints protection film is faced with some challenges, despite the positive growth trend. Some potential customers may be dissuaded from making a purchase due to the cost of setting up and the need for expert assistance throughout the application process. Nevertheless, efforts are under way to improve the ease of installation as well as reduce costs and this is expected to increase market penetration.
  • In view of that, the paint protection films market is forecast to experience sustained growth over the next few years. Further market growth will be driven by the advances in production technologies as well as developments in environmentally friendly and sustainability film materials. In addition, there is a significant opportunity for the paint protection film industry due to an increase in demand for electric vehicles that often feature premium colour finishes.


Increased awareness of consumers, technological developments and an expanding range of applications has led to the emergence of a thriving paint protection film market. Consumers have turned to PPFs as a reliable solution for protecting their investments, in the interests of maintaining vehicle appearance and value. The future looks bright, as the markets continue to develop and deal with challenges.