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Painting Skills – Four Simple Steps to Develop it

Painting is an exciting and interesting activity. There are hundreds of studies which suggest that painting can help enhance your mental health. This is one of the reasons why students are taught artwork and painting in primary schools. 

Some people use paint by numbers custom to enhance their personal photos. And some people undertake painting as a profession. There are many professionals such as who are of the view that one should start painting from a very early age if you wish to pursue it at a professional level. 

In view thereof, here are the simple steps which may help you develop the right painting skills:

  • Decide on why do you want to paint

Some people just pursue painting as a profession because they think it is cool. Although there is nothing wrong in it, highly successful painters only reach such level if they know why they want to pursue painting as a profession. If you really want to achieve a master level of success, then you will need to have a dedicated training routine. From focusing on fundamentals to the minute details of painting, you will have to learn each and everything. Therefore, first decide on why you want to pursue painting. 

  • Choose the medium

The next step is to choose the medium. This will enable you to understand how a particular medium works. For instance, decide on whether you want to use oil colors, acrylics or water colors. Beginners tend to use acrylics. On the other hand, expert painting professionals use oil colors as their preferred choice. There is no absolute answer to which color you must go with. You can shortly experience different mediums and then settle on one for a specific period of time. If you focus on one medium then you will be able to understand the details of the same. 

  • Choose and get the supplies

One of the very important steps that you must understand to hone painting skills is to choose the supplies. Choosing the right equipment is a difficult task. Thus, understand how the different equipments work. Know about palettes, brushes, paints, paper towels, solvents and other relevant equipment. Painting skills do not only pertain to the actual painting activity but also how good you are in recognizing different qualities of paints. Once you know how to choose the right supplies, then it may help you get the paintings done properly. 

  • Know the fundamentals

Painting is all about knowing the fundamentals. Rather than jumping directly into the subtle details of painting and artwork, try to develop grip on the fundamentals. Understand the basics. For example, know the fundamentals pertaining to color, compositions, edges, brushwork and technique. This will enable you to develop painting skills in a better manner. Once you understand what the fundamentals are, you can begin with your first painting. 

The bottom line

Above are the major steps to develop painting skills. However, it is pertinent to note that in order to be an expert at this skill, you need to persistently work on it.