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Parental Control App Offers Maximum Features

Parenting refers to monitoring and tracking the activities of the children for the greater good. It allows the parents to know about all the real-time happenings around the child without any hassle. 

Parents want to keep a watch on the activities of their children just to ensure their protection, security, and moral and ethical training. The need emerges with the increase in cybercrimes on children for some time now. The children are getting more and more affected by the likes of cyber predating, blackmailing, harassment, and cyber bullying. 

To cater above-mentioned problems, parents seek to have a strong mechanism that can clone and mirror the activities of the child to the parent so that the respective communication can be used for child’s protection and safety from harm. 

In few cases, it is observed that criminals’ intentions are to breach the child’s security and to get into their lives knowing their secrets; these secrets then get exploited at a later stage for gaining unlawful benefits. 

The whole situation gets worse quickly for the family, so the only solution to the problem is to use a parental control app that can actively monitor all the communication taking place on the child’s device.

This spying activity is more frequently incorporated on Android devices; an efficient android tracking app effectively tracks, monitors, and clones all the activities taking place on the target phone. 

A number of services are available that claim to spy on the target android devices but many of them are to no use. 

We have found TheOneSpy as the best spying solution available currently after a comprehensive assessment. The app is providing services since 2011 and truly efficient in serving the parents to spy on their kids. The current users of the app strongly recommend and acknowledge the services of the app. The spy app has an efficient employee monitoring service as well. It allows monitoring all the real-time whereabouts of the employees at and off the workplace.  

TheOneSpy is one of the pioneers in the domain of spying without any doubt, as reported by a few independent reviews. Let’s have a look at the features that the app serves to the parents for monitoring the kids. 

TheOneSpy – Best Parenting Solution

Location tracking through TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy parental control app tracks the location of the target device quite efficiently. All the locations visited, and the entire movement of the child gets logged. The parent can view the whole activity at any point of time.

This feature allows pinpointing the location of the child anytime, and it adds to the security and protection of the child. If the child is not getting reached out, the feature can be used to identify the location, ensuring the child’s safety. 

Geo-fencing the movement with TheOneSpy

The said feature has a lot of significance for the parents. The feature enables the parent to restrict the movement of the child to the specific but safe premises only. The feature actually enables to mark allowed and forbidden zones for the child, the places that are considered as unsafe and exploiting, can be added to restricted zones; in this way, the child won’t be allowed to visit those places, and if the child breaks into those localities, the parent gets notified through email. 

The places which are prone to have smokers and drug addict people can be added to the restricted zones.

Phone calls recording with TheOneSpy

The voice calls made through the target phone can be extensively monitored using the android tracking app. The calls can be listened to in real-time without any interruption and hassle. These calls can be recorded and saved to the online dashboard for monitoring later if the parent is not available to monitor instantly. 

This helps in knowing if the child is getting harassed by someone over the phone calls. If any sort of suspicious activity is there over the phone calls, the necessary action can be taken by the parent.

Social media apps monitoring using TheOneSpy

Social networking apps are becoming the major source of criminal activities on children, as it is reported. The apps have a large number of unverified users that only look to gain illegitimate benefits using the app, and children are a soft target into this aspect. 

So, in order to cope with this issue, the hidden spy app for android serves social networking apps monitoring feature. The feature allows monitoring, viewing, and stalking all the chats of the app.

The multimedia shared over the apps can also be monitored; if a specific content is not aligned with moral and ethical standards, the same can be removed anytime by the parent.

The voice notes exchanged, and all VoIP and video calls can be monitored without any hassle by the parent.

The services of the app include but are not limited to the discussed features, the app has an internal storage tracking facility, keylogger, SMS and Email monitoring as well. 


The significance of using a parental control app for child monitoring is discussed in detail. TheOneSpy is found to be the best service in this domain by all means. It allows monitoring each and every bit of communication taking place over the child’s android device.