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Parimatch Bets on Digitalization

The digitization process has touched all areas of business: from how you acquire and retain new customers, to how you represent and manage the company’s reputation on the Internet.

Whereas in the past it was enough to build a store using mortar and bricks to create one, now consumers want to see what you have to offer them before making a purchase. So digital presence is indispensable. This question is really important as Sergey Portnov, Chief Executive Officer of Parimatch, thinks. The digitalization can fundamentally change the business, reducing production costs and increasing productivity.

The top company Parimatch proves this — it never ceases to pleasantly surprise its customers. The bookmaker has done a tremendous job. The line has become even wider, new sports have been added, markets are impressive in its variability, the site has changed its design, becoming even more modern.

How it all started

The history of the bookmaker Parimatch begins in 1994. This is a Ukrainian bookmaker that opened its first betting office in Kiev. In the first four years the company operated only on the territory of its own country, but in 1998 it entered the Russian market, where it showed itself well. Later she began to explore neighbouring countries.

It was one of the first companies in the CIS to start accepting bets online. The site was launched in 2000. In 2009, the laws changed in Ukraine, betting became prohibited. A similar situation occurred in Moldova in 2016. As a result, the company received an international license from Cyprus and began to work on the site in the .com domain zone.

At the moment, the company has no branches. She decided to close all her land-based clubs and concentrate her online activities. In principle, it was the right decision that brought the office to a new level.

The global popularity

Advertising is also a part of digitalization. But how to make high-quality advertising? One of the solutions is to attract a world star. After all, people trust more those whom they know well. Representatives of Parimatch listened to this method.

They realized that they need to fill the brand with the energy of all those who are close to them in spirit and share the ideals. And they found two perfect stars:

  • The first is Mike Tyson, a boxing legend. He still has hundreds of millions of fans admiring his accomplishments, despite his difficult personality and scandalous deeds.
  • The second is Conor McGregor, the main star and face of MMA. Charismatic, mysterious madman, insolent, brave Irishman with a Viking spirit. He is tough, great in battle, famous outside the octagon, especially thanks to eloquent interviews — in general, he does something incredible.

And if to take these two, then they will get an excellent result and combine different groups of clients who have their own idols. This was the part of the global transformation.