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Party Planning Ideas and Simple Tips: Guide on Arranging a Perfect Dorm Party at a College

If you are a very creative person, you don’t have to ask yourself this major question, even if you are not so creative, you can straight away ask for help to get great party planning ideas.

It’s not hard to throw a party. Planning a party that will appeal to everyone is not so easy. Wouldn’t it be great to throw a party that everyone will say for themselves in the years to come?

  • Organized according to standards
  • Start planning ahead
  • Check that the date does not conflict with important dates, football matches, holidays and the like
  • Make sure all guests feel comfortable. Unfortunately, you can’t give everything, but at least you can try to give everything.
  • Ask yourself who your audience is, single, couple, male and female, employees.
  • Ensure the best safety of all
  • First one basic aid kit on site
  • Make a budget
  • Make a checklist

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Party Planning: An Overview

Planning a college dorm parties always starts with paper and pencil. Make a list of your first ideas and explain them. Your party plan should somehow fit on one page of paper, even if you have a series of the comprehensive plan. The interaction of the new and the old friends at the party can simply only help the party to get succeed.

Themed party

Party themes are great because everyone learns on their own. The theme of the party can be costume, but it can be as simple as the black and white part. Colors are just a topic. It allows people to talk and communicate.

Dinner at a Dorm Party

Food is known to be always a very important factor in any of the party plan and can add a lot to the budget and hence even complicate the whole of the party plan. The food is great, but it may not be the main reason. Finger snacks will often work. Or a choice without food is possible.

Music at Dorm Party

Music can simply make or even break a party. You have a series of the CD player, DJ as well as MC or even a band or the overall combination of various great music options. Whether you decide to simply party, music is yet the most essential element of any dorm party.

Party invitation

How do you prefer to invite the people to your dorm party? The invitation is important because no one knows the details, such as the date, place and time of the launch, which makes it difficult for everyone to collect.

Sending a colorful postcard or the envelope is known to be the old-fashioned way, but it still greatly works. Email doesn’t work at all. Facebook now offers a great solution. You can simply create a party event and add all those friends in that event through a link whom you want to invite.

Party budget

Low budget or higher? Where your party can fit, don’t forget to keep a book on party expenses at home. Make a budget and try to focus on 80% of the budget, leaving you with a 20% reserve for unexpected expenses.


Every detail of your college dorm party decorations should support your theme. Keep in mind that your visitors will notice every detail so you can put it together. Since he knows how to plan a party, he will definitely want to hang out at your party.

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