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Passing The Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-075 Certification Exam

300-075 CIPTV2 is a computer-based exam that is facilitated by the Pearson VUE in collaboration with Cisco’s infinite skills. It tests the candidates’ knowledge on the implementation of complex CIPTV2 pillars in a multi-site setup. Moreover, the candidates will receive the CCNP certificate after managing to pass 300-075 exam. Therefore, the candidate should demonstrate the knowledge of the concepts like the URI dialing, routing the globalized call, Inter-cluster Lookup Services, Global Dialing Plan Replication, CAC, AAR and other mobility concepts. The candidates are ought to have learned the respective concepts before doing 300-075 exam. The interested individuals should know that this exam is a job-focused certification that optimizes one’s skills to deliver a valuable and lasting solution in IT business setup.

About 300-075 Exam

Cisco’s exams are always industry oriented based on the current technological and economic trends. The candidates will determine their readiness to cope with the digital transformation that requires various configurations. These skills are learned and certified by an exam that covers every concept learned during the training. 300-075 exam is designed to cover the following topics at their respective percentage.

· VCS Control Mechanism (17%)
· VCS Expressway (12%)
· CUCM Video Configuration (09%)
· Centralized Calling and Processing Redundancy (10%)
· Multi-site Dialing and Configuration Plan for CUCM (17%)
· Implementation of ILS (14%)
· Implementation of Video Mobility Services (09%)
· Bandwidth Management as well as Implementation of CAC on CUCM. (12%)

What is Needed for 300-075 Exam Registration

The candidates should provide a recognized CCNA Collaboration or CCIE/CCDE Cisco certification. It is recommended for validity and formality terms of Cisco certification program. Perhaps, the candidate will have the advantage of receiving the certification upon passing 300-075 exam. The candidate will not do the remaining part of the series to gain the certification. It is also recommended for candidates to have an experience of not less than 2 years in the IT environment. One must have engaged with technical IT tasks that can be advanced by taking this IP telephony and Video exam.

Eligible Professionals

ExamSnap certification exam primarily targets the candidates who have completed the training designed for this exam and are ready for a challenge that triggers their ability to think critically. These individuals can be network administrators or network engineers.

Consequentially, it also targets the system engineers who have the ambitions of expanding their skills and receiving the worldwide recognized certification in the mighty Cisco Collaboration setup.

Facts to Note About Cisco ExamSnap Certification

CCNP certification is applicable to various job opportunities like network engineer, systems manager, computer scientist to mention a few. The candidates will broaden their job placement probability space, unlike the ordinary IT professionals.

Consequently, having the certification from the world-renowned institution (Cisco) is an added advantage to raise your reputation in your area of expertise. The employers will always recommend you as the suitable candidate for the jobs that are yet to streamline your path.

Finally, Cisco CCNP certification is a morale energizer and self-confidence developer. As it is recognized that Cisco provides credible certification that is current-trend oriented, the certified professional will struggle to keep the reputation at all cost.

How I Scored Beyond the Pass Mark

In the current technology setup of digital innovation and invention, many scholars have come up with various techniques to tackle technical exam. All these tips are meant to catalyze the excellence of the candidates who are at the peak of doing an exam. These techniques are the one I recommend to you as I have applied and prove their functionality:

·Consult the instructor
As you do any learning, you might not get the concepts, which the instructor expressed. It a good practice to always ask what he/she meant regarding a certain concept. Consultation helps you built a self-assessment lifestyle during the lectures.

· Understand the curriculum
The curriculum is the backbone of any course, it explains what it is ought to be covered at a certain time and the method of teaching. It helps you to know whether the instructor has skipped some important concepts, which can make you fail later.

· Prepare for the lectures
Having known the curriculum and the course outline, you should always prepare for the lectures by scanning through the content. The lecture will not be boring because you will be on the same page with the instructor.

· Understand the key concepts

During the marking of the exam, the people concern usually focus on the key points. In case the candidate explained one point with a lot of words, it still guarantees the same marks. The important thing is to be precise and straight to the main points. The many vocabularies will gain you no benefits in the field of computing.

· Identify your weak points

It is important to identify your weak points and to learn them efficiently. The exam will cut across every concept learned regardless of your understanding. Prevent failing the exam by picking each detail and learning it thoroughly.

Do practice tests

It is true that regular practice can make one perfect, the more you will interact with the ExamSnap practice test the more you get closer to concise understanding. The practice tests are regularly repeated in the main exam. The questions test the same concepts using different techniques, which a prepared learner sees as one approach.

Essential Training Resources
Every individual doing Cisco ExamSnap exam needs to adequately prepare. The training materials are always available online, the interested candidate can swiftly visit the sites that offer quality updated training designed for a specific certification.

Effective Practice Tests

The key technique to implement during the revision is to engage with the practice exam that the pioneers of the course did in their struggle to gain the popular Cisco certification. The updated and actual exam preparation dumps can be found on the ExamSnap website, Lead4Pass and PassLeader websites.


Communication is often the key to the effective delivery of valuable work. The exam certifies professionals with the necessary skills to advance communication in a business environment. 300-075 certification exam includes all that professionals need to deal with during the implementation of the IP Telephony system in a telecommunication and business industries.