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Paul Leongas Guides You Through an Irish Pub Visit

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Paul Leongas owns a number of Irish pubs and other outlets and has a long history in running successful Irish pubs.

In fact, Paul Leongas is well renowned within his profession and many believe it’s because he knows what makes an Irish pub, Irish.

We’ve discussed this with Paul Leongas below – so you can learn what it takes to enjoy yourself authentically when visiting an Irish pub. 

Many pubs have a unique charm, and these establishments are quite cozy and laidback. When taking a trip to Ireland, visitors know they must raise a pint or two in celebration. The Emerald Isle invites you to experience the comfortable and carefree vacation you deserve.

4 Guidelines For Blending With The Locals

Keep It Simple

Irish living is laidback, so you are better off not trying to order any martinis. The Irish are known for their stout beers, and they love their Guinness. Walk up to the bar and simply order a pint. A pint of Guinness is likely what you will receive. A good general rule of thumb is to just keep it simple. Refrain from asking about a drink menu.  Here is a good guide from Paul Leongas here. 

Buy A Round Of Drinks

Locals in Ireland love to take turns buying drinks for each other. It is a tradition. While you do not have to participate, joining in the tradition will give you the whole experience. Buy a round of drinks, and watch what happens. Fellowship with the Irish, and see if the people you are traveling with join in the fun, too!   

Be Friendly

The Irish are friendly folk, and Irish pubs are very social places. Locals meet family, friends, and colleagues to chat, and strangers mingle with each other, too. You are going to be making friends if you approach this scene with the right attitude. And by the way, people in Ireland love running into American tourists, and they are likely to approach you first suggest Paul Leongas

No Tipping

As an American, you are used to the practice of tipping servers and bartenders. In Ireland, tipping is rare. While tipping is still appreciated, it is best to stick with what the locals do. If you do plan to tip, simply leave the change vs calculating the 15 percent gratuity. Here’s a good guide on other etiquette. Enjoy your trip to Ireland!