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PBS Announces New Series ‘We’ll Meet Again’

Executive Produced and Reported by Ann Curry

“We’ll Meet Again,” a new six-part series produced by Blink Films in partnership with AnnCurry Inc., will premiere on PBS on Tuesdays, January 23 at 8 p.m. ET. The logline: Exploring some of history’s most dramatic events through the personal stories of those who experienced them, the series brings together people whose lives intersected at pivotal moments. Executive produced and reported by Ann Curry, each episode of “We’ll Meet Again” will reveal the powerful bonds forged among people who now, against the odds, have the chance to reunite with someone who transformed their life.

“We’ll Meet Again” will take viewers on a journey of hope, searching for clues in marriage records and war and immigration documents, and combing archives to reunite those separated by time and distance.

“This series helps people separated by conflict, war and humanitarian disasters find each other again and reveals untold stories of courage, survival, friendship and even love,” said Curry. “This is human history — not from the point of view of kings or politicians or generals — but of everyday people on the front lines of massive events they have no way to control. Their stories tell us something about what we are made of.”