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PC vs Mobile – Which is best for Gaming?

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There has never been a better time to be a gamer. Both hardcore gamers and casual players can access and enjoy an enormous selection of great games these days. But which is the better option for gamers, PCs or mobile phones? In this article, we compare PC and mobile gaming in four categories: quality, accessibility, game selection, and price.

1. Graphics and quality of the games

Smartphones have become more and more powerful over the years, and many of the top new models have some impressive specs. The flagship models from the likes of Samsung and Apple can run some powerful and great-looking games, despite their small form factor.

When it comes to performance, mobile phones can never compete with high-end gaming PC available at cheap prices. Video games don’t need to have advanced and beautiful graphics to be good, but if you are looking for the most power and the best graphics, you should definitely go for a PC.

Winner: PC

2. Accessibility

One of the main benefits of mobile gaming is that you take your phone with you wherever you go. It’s nice to be able to pull out the phone and play a game for a few minutes when you have some time to kill. Even if you invest in a gaming laptop, mobile games are way more portable, although the newly announced Steam Deck is looking to change that.

Another plus is that everyone owns a phone, and it’s possible to start playing a game in minutes. Building a PC can be a bit intimidating, which is why many players prefer to play on their phones or on a console.

Winner: Mobile

3. Selection of games

Whenever you open the app store on your phone, you see a ton of new games listed. The iOS and Android stores are homes to an endless number of games, and hundreds of new games appear every month. However, quantity does not beat quality, and the vast majority of mobile games are either cash grabs, simple time wasters, or outright bad.

While there are many fantastic mobile games out there, some even ported from the PC and consoles, you just can’t beat the selection of PC games. Game platforms such as Steam and Epic Store offer tens of thousands of phenomenal games, ranging from casual games to the latest blockbusters. If you like to play online casino games, both options are equally good.

Winner: PC

4. Price

The final factor is pricing, and there are many things to consider here. The prices of buying the gaming system, the prices of the games themselves, and how long you can expect your system to stay up to date. When it comes to the price of the gaming system, mobile phones are way cheaper than proper gaming PCs. A modern PC can easily set you back $1500 or more, whereas a high-end phone is much cheaper.

The low price of games is another reason why mobile gaming is so popular in many places in the world. Most games are free (albeit with in-app purchases) or very cheap. New triple-A PC games usually cost around $60. If the price is your biggest concern, mobile gaming comes out much cheaper overall.

Winner: Mobile