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Peacock Orders Competition Series “Frogger” Based on the Arcade Game

13 Episodes Greenlit

Streamer Peacock is moving forward on competition series “Frogger”, based on the classic video arcade game, from “Holey Moley” producer Eureka Productions. Launched in 1991, the game features players trying to direct frogs home one by one, crossing a busy road and navigating a river full of hazards. It was developed by Konami and published by Sega and became one of the video game hits of the 1980s.

The series will feature 12 obstacle courses, or crossings, seeing contestants dodging traffic, leaping over snapping gators and hopping over hungry hippos to conquer the course and win a cash prize.

Thirteen episodes of “Frogger” have been ordered. The expected airdate has not been confirmed.