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PGE Rentals: When Truck Rent Can Be Easy

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If you manage a construction project or a commercial operation, the absence of appropriate transport or equipment can seriously throw you back. And searching for one can become a headache of its own. Thankfully, there is a solution: finding a truck rent provider. By doing so, you can obtain the necessary vehicle for a certain time, complete your task, and continue with your project. However, you should choose the supplier wise to avoid falling into a predicament, such as poor equipment quality or when a provided vehicle is unsuitable for your situation. This is why we recommend you check out PGE Rentals: a young company specializing in medium and heavy-duty rental trucks. Large and diverse rental park, experienced management, and high-quality service make them a good choice for any client: a private individual, an independent contractor, a railroad organization, or a municipal establishment.

About PGE rental options

The variety of vehicles offered by PGE allows you to find one that suits your goals the best. Whatever you aim to do, mount a cable network, remove construction waste, or conduct forest management, PGE Rentals is ready to provide on-rail and off-rail vehicles:

  • Dump or rotary dump trucks for delivering and managing all kinds of bulk solids. Rotary trucks combine especially well with specific railroad cars because you can work with the materials within a 180° arc;
  • Platform and bucket trucks are helpful when you need access to higher locations;
  • Knuckle boom trucks—maneuverable machinery for lifting and moving materials, especially in tight spaces;
  • Grapple trucks—useful for removing or relocating bulky cargo pieces or clearing out the space;
  • Flatbed trucks—indispensable when you need to transport oversized loads;
  • Digger derrick trucks—for hole digging, pole setting, etc.;
  • Cable placers—for working with overhead cable networks, such as power grids.

And for the cases when a truck is not enough, there are additional options that include excavators and other specialty equipment.

Truck rent provider with high operating standards

Diverse rental options are great but not a final argument when finding a supplier. And PGE Rentals promises many other benefits for their potential client:

  • Reliable skills earned by over twenty years of work in the construction field.
  • Inclusion: the company is woman-owned and promotes gender equality in business.
  • Transparency and simplicity: PGE is easy to contact either via phone or website form, and you can evaluate available vehicles at their gallery at think ahead about your needs.
  • Readiness: with PGE being a minor operator, you will not stumble upon a problem when your contractor is not available.
  • Dedication: attention, quality guarantee, and efficiency are company policy. You can be sure that you will get service determined to meet your needs.

In other words, if you need truck rent in North America, just contact PGE Rentals—they will assist you the best they can in finishing your mission timely, effectively, and within budget.