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Photos of Australia’s Sweetheart Celeste Barber Appear in Scam Bitcoin Ads

Many people have made a lot of money off of Bitcoin, and if current trends hold, those numbers will continue to rise. Some of the people making money aren’t doing so honestly, choosing to scam unsuspecting victims out of their savings, and this time its done through a get-rich-quick scheme named Bitcoin Evolution. These scammers pose as legitimate CFD brokers offering investment services. Any investors will soon learn that the brokers are taking their deposits without any chance of making a withdrawal. The scammers use many tactics to bring in victims, including in this case fake celebrity endorsements from Australian comedian Celeste Barber.

New Crypto Scams Swindling Thousands

Fake celebrity endorsement ads are the work of a complex network of illegal websites which are promoted by savvy affiliate marketers. The scam brokers pay these marketers to direct new clients to their websites. Seeing that they will be defrauding the clients anyway, the scammers don’t care if the advertisements are false.

These brokers offer their clients the chance to invest in contracts for differences, a type of investment asset similar to betting on which way the price of Bitcoin is going. Even if the broker intended to pay out returns, CFDs are a risky investment that new traders should shy away from. Most of the time, these brokers make it impossible to withdraw any funds and hold onto any money traders deposit.

Bitcoin Evolution Pilfers Celeste Barber’s Reputation for Clicks

Celeste Barber is a well-known Australian comedian. She has appeared in many different television projects and also writes books. Barber was actively engaged in fundraising efforts during the 2019 – 2020 Australian bush fires, raising over $50 million for relief efforts. One thing she hasn’t done is give her approval to online Bitcoin scams.

Fake ads from one of the most well-known Bitcoin scams have featured the Australian comedian, claiming that she heartily endorses the broker. The ads say she put down over £80,000 and has since made profits of over £80 million. It seems strange that the Australian Celeste Barber would be investing with pounds instead of Australian dollars. The explanation is simple; the ads are a complete lie and this has been exposed by a variety of websites. The broker is banking on her name recognition, hoping to gain new victims from amongst her fans.

The broker behind the fake ads has made some genuinely outrageous claims in addition to their falsified endorsements. Their trading platform claims to offer automated trading, an excellent choice for people looking to make a lot of money without learning anything about investing. The broker says that their clients can simply set their accounts to auto-trade and that their algorithms will automatically turn huge profits. This is an absurd lie, designed to steal money from people who know little to nothing about how trading works.

How to Invest Safely Online

If you’re looking to invest in Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, or anything online, you should be doing so with a registered broker. And you should utilize the right trading tools, which are offered free at The companies you find through fake celebrity ads aren’t looking out for your best interests. Research investment opportunities carefully before investing, making sure to verify the broker’s registration, and checking online reviews from their clients.