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PI Poll: Which current on the fence network series would you like to see return next season?


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  1. Dr. Ken because i don’t want another ABC Comedy that’s in the Friday 8:30 pm time slot to suffer again.

  2. At the top it should be Mysteries of Laura because the network serves as a decent lead-in for shows with its viewership and I know NBC would be stupid to cancel it.

    The X-Files obviously should be kept because look at FOX Mondays now and Lucifer’s ratings.

    Dr. Ken is another one even though I haven’t really really watched it, I want to see them keep two multi-cams for the first time since the According to Jim days on ABC. Obviously LMS as well I want to see it reach 10 seasons.

    2 Broke Girls is a really silly show not that great to me like it was when it started but it’s had solid ratings all during its run and CBS seems to be disrespecting it now. NBC would kill to have that show on their network. Also Hawaii Five-0 deserves to be back it’s quietly been solid and consistent since moving to Fridays.

    Undateable is the special one for me the most because I think that’s the best comedy experience on all of television and the best kept secret as well. If NBC manages to keep this one I’ll faint. LOL!

    The rest can all get cancelled I wouldn’t care.

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