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PI Poll: What Grade Would You Give Chris Rock as Host of The Oscars?

Comedian Makes His Second Appearance in the Role

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  1. Chris Rock had a very tough job in toeing a very fine line with his monologue. He did well under the circumstances. The man on the streets were great and very telling. The Stacey Dash bit would have been funnier without Stacey Dash.

  2. Chris Rock killed it and I thought his position was pretty tough considering he had pressure from the black community to speak on the controversy but Chris Rock in my opinion was going to speak on it anyways regardless if he had pressure or not. I thought he handled it perfectly because he made the crowd feel joyful about but uneasy at the same time which was good. For me I was laughing my ass off during the entire monologue and other times during the show except the girl scouts cookie thing which was lame.

    Chris Rock was definitely a huge upgrade over Neil Patrick Harris and one of the best hosts ever outside of Ellen, Steve Martin, and Whoopi. I would like to see Chris Rock nab a third chance at it in the future but I want to see Kevin Hart too that will be a silly silly Oscars whenever he does it.

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