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PI Poll: What is your all-time favorite network series to air in primetime on Saturday?

Saturday Night Was Once a Prosperous Night for Network Television

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  1. Thanks Marc for the poll!

    Look at this impressive list of Saturday shows, so many of these are television institutions. Saturday used to be a grand night for television and the networks should be so ashamed of themselves for chickening out on programming this night.

    The best lineup in television history to me was the lineups CBS threw out there on Saturday nights back in the 70s. Mary Tyler Moore really made this the original Must See TV lineup then All in the Family came in a few months later. The Jeffersons and M*A*S*H* were in this lineup too. Then after this lineup aged you had Love Boat and Fantasy Island on ABC, I remember Starsky & Hutch on Saturdays as well for a couple of seasons. Then NBC started to own the night in the 80s with Diff’rent Strokes, Silver Spoons, and Facts of Life then The Golden Girls and Empty Nest came. Walker, Texas Ranger, COPS, and America’s Most Wanted took over in the 90s. BTW, why AMW isn’t still on broadcast television is beyond me?

    Unfortunately in the 90s I knew things were starting to deteriorate for the night when ABC’s TGIF experiment of spinning off that night to Saturdays with Growing Pains didn’t workout I believe back in either 1991 or 92. Then the failures continued until eventually The District became the real last scripted show on the night.

    • I forgot about Starsky and Hutch. Although everyone remembers MASH as part of the classic CBS Saturday night line-up, it only aired one season out of All in the Family. But what a night that was. And, earlier, I always enjoyed My Three Sons, Petticoat Junction and Mannix on Saturday.

  2. Saturday’s were usually out with the boys, in the 60’s and I was overseas in the 70’s and back out with boys in the 8o’s. I usually came home and watched Saturday night Live after that.

  3. I loved many of these series, but I find myself still watching re-runs of “Scooby-Doo” and even many of the new incarnations of this famous pooch and his gang of crime solving mystery sleuths. I’ve even heard that another favorite, “Peewee’s Playhouse,” may be poised for a comeback. With this trip down memory lane, I’m now wondering why Chuck Norris hasn’t tried bringing his “Walker” character back out of retirement to mentor a bunch of younger Texas Rangers as it seems to have worked out quite well for Mark Harmon and all those “N.C.I.S.” spin-offs.

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