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Which Scripted Series Would You Like to See Finally End?

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      • I agree with you, Marc. The CW will cancel SPN when the ratings get low enough. I expect Legends of Tomorrow will be the one to kill SPN off. LoT will push Supernatural even further down in the ratings and take even more money from the CW’s CGI budget. SPN’s special effects are so poor nowadays they’re lucky to be able to afford a decent smoke demon effect or a pair of weirdly colored contact lenses. LoT is bright, shiny and new, it’s posed to capitalize on the superhero craze. SPN is not going to last for another 8 years like some online fans think it will. They are fooling themselves. The writing is stale and Carver is not much of a showrunner. Arrow’s ratings are pretty respectable. SPN can’t hold onto those ratings after Arrow goes off. SPN’s ‘big following” is shrinking every week.

        I give SPN another season and that’s it. And that’s if they are very VERY lucky.

        I’m sorry, moshane58, but the CW is a business. They cancel shows that fans like all the time. They are not going to keep SPN on if it’s unprofitable, even if you are a big fan.

        • They need to bring Bobby back and get back to the roots of the brothers. Bobby was the monarch and needs to be on too. that was a big mistake killing him off. I still love the show..

    • Supernatural has jumped the shark as far as I’m concerned.. They really are recycling old plots with different characters playing them at this point. I am still watching but I’d prefer they just wrap things up already…

  1. I voted for Bones. The show is still amusing but I think it is time for a respectable ending before the entire cast winds up leaving. David has already said he is ready to call it quits and this whole money argument with Fox many wind up getting it canceled without a proper ending anyway. Give it a reduced order final season and let it have a good swan song. It had a long run. I never expected it to run longer than House!

    My second choice would be Vampire Diaries. It has had a long run but it hasn’t been the flagship of the CW network since The Flash took its spot. And now another new promising show has bumped VD over to Friday. Give it a reduced order final season and let it go on in to the sunset. Oddly it is filmed in my town!

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