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PI Poll: What word would you best use to describe NBC and Fox’s primetime line-ups for next season?

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  1. FOX was real lazy on their schedule and NBC was kind of stupid but sort of interesting at the same time.

      • That’s going to be the interesting thing for them. I actually like the Chicago Med move to Thursdays because I think Thursdays are a good traditional night for medical TV going back to ER and Grey’s. Plus Chicago Med gives The Blacklist some much needed help. I still preferred NBC keeping Med with Fire for another season but it’s okay. I have no confidence though in the comedies as I really didn’t like the way Superstore closed out not growing and staying under 5 million. NBC needs a comedy that can get high 1s and at least 6-8 million viewers leading off a comedy hour.

        • Superstore faced the Grammy’s head-on in winter for it’s penultimate episode before the season finale. That explains why it’s numbers were down. So that means that bad scheduling was the problem, there are NO signs that audiences rejected the show.

          Since the show maintained respectable numbers against The Grammy’s it should (theoretically) be able to hold respectable numbers on Thursday for NBC.

          • I definitely blame bad scheduling for Superstore’s numbers in February. NBC has a terrible time scheduling their comedies right now that was a tough hour on Mondays with X-Files too and The Bachelor two demo sucking shows in the 2s.

            I think it can hold respectable numbers against football but BBT is going to hurt it more than football will since we saw BBT take it down a lot when those two went head-to-head.

            Like I said before though NBC needs a real hit comedy not something holding water so they can build other comedies around it. NBC probably could’ve gotten one of those new comedies they killed in the past 5 years to that level now but they’ve gotta stop burning through comedies like that.

            • I blame Superstore’s poor numbers the whole season on the show’s lack of appeal… 😉

              I know we disagree on that. 🙂

              I do disagree also that hanging on to under-performers is the way to build hits.

              Look at FOX’s hyper-mega-hit New Girl for a great example of why it doesn’t work.

              Of course, if the people picking the shows can’t pick good shows ever, then doing the right thing and trying many shows is unlikely to work. Still it’s more likely to work through a happy accident (greenlighting a good show by mistake!) than if you keep New Girl-type show on forever.

  2. NBC took some risk on Thursday which is nice to see.

    Let’s see if their gamble pays off.

    Fox played it too safe.

    • What’s amazing to me is how those two networks with catastrophic scripted ratings can be thought of as ever “playing safe” (but the executives actually think of it that way).

  3. I like NBC’s Thursday 9-11pm schedule… but think that the 8-9pm is a mistake. I know they want to get a foothold in comedy on Thursday, but I don’t think it’s going to work. Yes Superstore will get plenty of promotion from the Olympics, but it isn’t the hit the network makes it out to be… and the competition from Grey’s and Thursday Night Football will be intense (and BBT after that…)

    Also… they need to quit assuming that their Monday night post-Voice shows can all of a sudden do well on their own. Blindspot has plummeted since fall… just like Revolution…. and it will fail on Wednesday’s at 8pm (way too early!)…. just like Revolution.

    • I totally agree. I would move the comedies into the Wednesday 8 p. hour and lead off Thursday with Blindspot. Blindspot won’t do any better on Thursday, but at least Superstore could benefit.

    • they need to leave Thursdays alone for awhile when it comes to comedies. they lost the night and will need to be far more strategic and patient before they’re able to regain a foothold from CBS and ABC.

  4. I’m really tired of the networks cancelling shows just because they skew older as in the case of Mysteries of Laura. If anything, young people would be much more savvy in skipping commercials so the demo argument is pretty much nonsense. I believe it’s more a case of age discrimination and less a case of dollars and cents. These days, if the show doesn’t have plenty of blood, gore and violent deaths in it, it’s considered passe.

    • I do agree with your disgust at the militant ageism of the networks (except CBS).

      Ageism is a convenient excuse for cancelling shows that don’t have political backing.

      Laura had it (marginally) and lost it. Other flops with bigger political connections won out.

      It had nothing to do with the age of the viewers.

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