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Pinterest Success Tips: How to Scale Your Ad Campaign 

Companies place a lot of effort into their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ad campaigns and often neglect another popular social platform, Pinterest. For many companies, particularly ones that are highly visual, Pinterest can be highly effective in helping drive more traffic and getting new leads. 

If your Pinterest ad campaign has been stagnant, this guide will help you master the basics and beyond to scale up and grow your audience. Of course, if you don’t have the time and energy it takes to devote to the success of your Pinterest account, you can always enlist the help of a Pinterest marketing agency who will handle everything for you. 

Here are some simple steps that every company should follow to scale their Pinterest ad campaign.

1) Upgrade to High Quality Photos + Videos

Pinterest is a highly visual platform where practically every photo looks professional. Be sure your ad stands up to the competition by taking high-quality photos, or investing in some video ads that will be more eye-catching to viewers looking at a sea of still images.

2) Expand Your Keyword Usage

It’s good to target your ad campaigns and you can do so by clicking on the Ads Manager and selecting “audience targeting.” A word to the wise, though, you don’t want to limit yourself on Pinterest by making your ads too specific. Pinterest users want to feel inspired and often this is best achieved by finding things they hadn’t thought of before. For example, they might start out researching bedroom furniture and end up clicking on a fluffy robe. While these products are in different industries, someone who is interested in one will likely also be interested in the other. 

3) Try Out Different Ads

Ad campaigns often involve experimentation to see what is working and what is not. A good piece of advice is to try multiple ad campaigns with the same parameters and see which ones perform the best. Once you have discovered the winners, you can scale up your ad spend on those.

4) Increase Your Ad Spend

One out of two pinners makes a purchase after viewing a promoted pin…wouldn’t you like that to be your product? Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a large impact on Pinterest. Reports by Pinterest have shown that by simply increasing spend to 5% of a total marketing budget, companies can successfully grow their campaigns.

5) Make Your Campaigns Relevant

When you go on Pinterest and search for recipes, you don’t want to find a recipe for gazpacho in the middle of winter. You want to find stews and mulled wine, right? The same rule of seasonality should apply to your ad campaign. By making it as relevant as possible to what people might be searching for, you are more likely to gain traction quickly.

With 150 million monthly active pinners, every advertiser on Pinterest should be able to expand their brand’s reach. The trick is, as with anything else, you have to keep going and try every possibility until you find campaigns. You can buy followers and likes that tweaks over time can add up to an exciting outcome, so have patience and you’re sure to see results that pay off.