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Pirate Kingdom | Costume Classic Set to Capture!

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The Lost Pirate Kingdom Netflix Docuseries

The Lost Pirate Kingdom is a series that is currently streaming on Netflix and is the number one trending show on Netflix Canada right now. The swashbuckling pirate episodes are expected to generate continued steady interest and possibly lead to other Netflix series. We know from other recent popular Netflix series, like The Game of Thrones, that whenever fans get really into a show, they will share their enthusiasm for the show. One of the ways these inspired fans have expressed themselves is through dress-up costumes. With the popularity of The Lost Pirate Kingdom series, expect to see many pirates this Halloween, which will lead to a lot of fun for everyone.

We all remember what Johnny Depp from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean did for the popularity of pirate costumes. It is well documented that Johnny Depp used to travel with his Jack Sparrow pirate costume, just in case. Now that it has been several years since the last installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, fans have been growing impatient for fresh bounty.  With this latest Netflix production, it is more than a little likely a massive resurgence in the popularity of pirate costumes.  Along with that, there will, of course, be pirates showing up everywhere from Halloween parties, in television commercials and popular media.

In truth, even though pirates were all always men, women’s pirate costumes have always been a favorite choice with women and with good reason. Women can enjoy the pirate costume just as much as the men, and why not? In fact, the Netflix series revisits the story of Anne Bonny. Anne Bonny was an Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean. It is great to see a docuseries casting a female pirate and pushing back some of the myths and misconception that only men could be a pirate. Although Anne Bonny’s story is truly exceptional, she can be seen sporting a classic pirate tricorn hat and armed with a musket. Most like Anne may not have worn clothing quite as stylish and whimsical as our contemporary women’s pirate costumes. That said, Anne Bonny would have made quite an impression on her captives in her full pirate regalia.

What, where and when to wear a pirate costume

With so many pirate characters, men have always had plenty of role models to emulate. Whether it is inspired by Captain Morgan, Blackbeard, or a fictional character such as Jack Sparrow, men will have plenty of choices in terms of pirate costumes.  There are plenty of options for women and kids as well and do not be surprised to see families getting in on the act as group theme this Halloween. And why not get the babies and pets in on the show as well? What could be more adorable or cute than a family with a pet pirate and baby pirate in tow? Other occasions might trigger a family to dress up their dog or a baby in a pirate and create that perfect Instagram or Tiktok clip.  

Themed costuming at Halloween for a whole family has been on the rise for some time now and finding the kids pirate costumes are an extra bonus. Getting the babies and pets involved just spreads the fun a little more. Obviously, in these situations, the pet or baby would not know exactly who they are trying to impersonate, so it is bound to be a little spontaneous. However, it would be fun for everyone since, obviously, a pet or baby cannot be a mean pirate. It would be a fun little joke for everyone involved. Dressing a baby up like a pirate would be an amusing little anecdote to tell the child about when they are a little bit older. Dressing a pet as a pirate could also be a lot of fun, especially if the pet can be trained to do tricks like fetching your sabre, musket or just walking the plank.

Popular outside Halloween

Some people may think of costumes as only something to buy for Halloween and when it comes to dress-up, nothing tops other occasions than Halloween parties. While costumes become even more popular around Halloween, pirate costume parties are now taking place throughout the year. Whether they are true fans of the show, many people will want to wear pirate costumes. Some people might be doing it out of love for the show, while others will be invited to an event that triggers creative dress-up ideas.

For example, someone might want to wear one on a Caribbean cruise to pretend that they are an actual pirate on the sea. That could be fun for everyone including the person wearing the costume. The prevailing interest in The Lost Pirate Kingdom could also inspire an interest in school plays and stories that are about pirates. People might have to wear pirate costumes to start in these plays and in other theater productions.

Some fans who want to take their re-enactment to the next level might want to take their costume very seriously and not break character for the entire night. This is likely to happen among The Lost Pirate Kingdom’s hardcore fans if they are really trying to emulate one of the characters seriously. They might want to emulate a specific character, or they might simply enjoy acting like a generic pirate all night. Either way, it will be their choice and can potentially be a source of entertainment for many other people. Of course, people will be able to make their own spins on these costumes as well, which will make them even more fun and exciting.


People who are extreme fans of The Lost Pirate Kingdom may want to have entire pirate parties, where everyone dresses up as a pirate. In some cases, they might want to have everyone play a specific character. This way, they can re-enact an episode or create their own story that would be fanfiction. Whether someone wants to wear a costume based on a specific character on The Lost Pirate Kingdom or just wants to dress like a pirate for fun, it will all be okay.

Some other people who are extreme fans of the show might just want to collect pirate paraphernalia to have it on display or just be able to wear it anytime they want to show their support. They might want to wear it to a convention, for example. They might want to host a party at their home where everyone watches the show and has the option to come dressed as one of the characters for extra fun and enjoyment. Obviously, the new Netflix show’s interest is going to spark a trend in all sorts of new items, including costumes. People can jump on the bandwagon and have a lot of fun with it.