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Play the ‘Big Brother 24’ Salary Cap Game

In our fantasy game for the CBS reality competition “Big Brother 24“, you are provided $100 (fake money, of course) to spend on purchasing up to four (4) houseguests. You may choose to draft less than four if that’s your preference.

Please note that once you input your roster, it is set for the rest of the season. You do not need to re-submit your picks each week.

For mobile device visitors, you may visit for a more user-friendly experience.

The prices on the houseguests are based on the average draft positions from the 200 Big Brother fans on Twitter having participated in fantasy drafts at the start of the season.

Points will be based on the Big Brother scoring system when the full structure of the season and its twists are announced. Attached in the form is the scoring graphic for basic reference.

If you enter from now until the premiere on Thursday, July 14, 2022 at 9:30 p.m. ET, you will earn the points awarded for every voting cycle of the season.

Entry into the game is free, and any referenced money is purely fictional.

Weekly scores will be posted on this web page at a later time.