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Play168 – Make Winning Your Habit

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Play168 is one of the favorite online casinos of the people of Thailand. Here not only shall you get an amazing range of online betting games but also, many great benefits as well. When a member joins play168 for the first time, on their first deposit they receive a 50% bonus over the slot games. They even refund the amount of your first order loss.

More than being just the largest online casino, play168 always emphasizes on providing the best to its members. They provide entertainment that is thrilling and their list of games has been tried, tested and loved by millions of members. They always ensure that the game they offer you are the best ones. In addition to that, they also have the most progressive studio and continuous in-game innovations. Play168 also uses a fully automated system that is directly directed toward its members through its mobile betting service.

Games that you can find

In play168 online casinos, you shall find a great range of games. It has a section for the sportsbook where you can bet on soccer and basketball. You can even find the live casino where you get a view of the real-time betting that is been carried out. They have a section for the slot games too under which you shall get to choose from a wide range of options. Other than these you can also choose from table games lottery, e-sport betting and multiple other options.

Rewards and promotion

Play168 online casino offers a 50% discount to their new members on their first deposit. In addition to that, you can also earn a bonus of up to 500 baht. There are multiple other daily bonus and reward schemes that shall earn you a good sum each day. Here you can also get a daily unlimited rebate for up to 1.2% which is the highest cash rebate in Asia. You can even enjoy the exclusive star privileges through their option of vip exclusive luxury gifts.


Play168 surely is a world-class casino that gives you the guarantee of a 100% secure transaction. There are multiple methods of payment that you can choose from. through the play168 app, you can find the best way to bet and win cash prizes and bonuses. It is very convenient and you can be able to play from anywhere and at any time very easily.

Why you should join play168?

  • They are a well-known brand across the Asian market and provide various attractive products to join.
  • They have a good strategy for marketing that ensures the highest conversion and retention rates.
  • There are a lot of opportunities for the members to earn commissions. The rate of discount on commission is 55% which is quite high.
  • They have a professional team of consultants who are there to guide you and offer you any help.



To provide benefit to the members, play168 online casino offers secure digital currencies. This can only be used by registered members to make their deposits and transactions.