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Playing the Hands You’re Dealt, According to Luwuciferx

Meet Luwucifer, one of the many faces of a new generation of popular internet influencers with no face. Luwucifer, or Luwuciferx, as he is sometimes referred to in some circles, boasts of over half a million following across multiple social platforms, and views in the higher millions on most of his videos.

So what exactly does Luwucifer have to show his viewers that garner so much attention and adoration? Does he make elaborate prank videos? Daredevil stunts? Is he a magician with numerous tricks up his sleeves? 

Well, the answer to all these is no. Although, with the brilliant way in which he goes by his business, you might think the latter is true.

Luwucifer might indeed have a few tricks up his sleeves, but the truth is, he doesn’t even have to show them. All Luwucifer does is post elegant pictures of his hands – just his hands – and he leaves millions enthralled in his wake.

The Old Ways

The rules of the internet is a constantly changing one with rapid updates and algorithms that are capable of upending everything we ever knew to be conventional about how things worked. 

One thing, though, that used to feel unchangeable was the fact that for you to grab as much attention as possible, there has to be a face in whatever you do.

Now it may be a stranger’s face, stock images, animations, either way for you to garner as much attention as possible there usually has to be a face.

Well, that was the old way. As Luwuciferx and many like him have proven time and time again with their rapidly growing channels and pages, all you need is a genius content strategy and you can make it as big as anyone with a face.

What’s So Special about a Hand?

For any neutral going through Luwucifer’s page on Tik Tok or any other social platforms on which he is active, one of the many thoughts that cross his mnd is this: what is so special about his hands that make them deserve so much affection? With literally millions of likes on them.

Well, Luwuciferx’s hands are indeed beautiful and elegant, and well-ornamented, but what’s special about goes farther than just the hands.

What’s special about them is the fact that many relate to them, and appreciate the fact that Luwucifer tries to communicate to them the best way he knows how -through his hands.

A New Hope

Many people out there would love to be content creators. Many have ideas they believe in and can’t put into practice because, well, they’re not conventional and don’t fall into the acceptable clause.

With content creators like Luwucifer who choose to communicate their creativity through an entirely different way, an opportunity indeed arises for young enthusiasts with wild ideas who wish to thread the same path.

Of course when he started out Luwucifer couldn’t have anticipated the amount of viral fame and attention his arms would receive over the coming years.

But here he is now after taking the bold step with his own brand SHDW studio, inspired by darkwear and japanese artwork based off of his hands, and millions of likes on his posts from enthusiastic followers waiting to see what he does next. 

And of course he hopes this would be a source of huge inspiration.