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Playing the Odds: Interview with iGaming Expert Lucas Mollberg

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iGaming expert Lucas Mollberg has been interviewed about how to get started in iGaming, how to make money from iGaming, and what the future of iGaming holds by many famous publications and blogs. This internationally-known figure in the iGaming industry reveals the ins and outs of gambling online and how you can do it too – while making money.

INTERVIEWER: Today, we are speaking with Lucas Mollberg, CEO of BestBonus new site and the author of Playing the Odds in Online Gambling, an introduction to one of the most rapidly expanding industries today iGaming (internet gaming). Mr. Mollberg, thank you for being with us today. Please give us some background information about yourself and your work as an iGaming expert.

INTERVIEWER: What is iGaming?

LUCAS MOLLBERG: iGaming, which is short for Internet gaming, refers to online gambling in general and has taken on a life of its own in recent years. It involves games, from fantasy sports to poker to slot machines and virtual casinos. The World Bank estimates that as many as 90 percent of adults will gamble at least once during their lifetime, so it’s important to know what kinds of activities are legal—and what kinds can land you in trouble. Online gaming has become especially popular because it’s convenient; you can play whenever you want without leaving your home or putting down significant funds upfront.

INTERVIEWER: What does your typical day look like?

LUCAS MOLLBERG: If your typical day is different from what you’re used to, it can feel like getting back on a bike. The most significant difference will be seeing things from an angle, but you can quickly get used to that. If you want, there are tons of strategies to make yourself more comfortable and adapt faster. But I would recommend just diving in and experiencing each day as they come without worrying too much about it. Here’s how my days usually go: First thing in the morning, I check my email and take care of any pressing issues or questions. Then I check my schedule for meetings and calls later in the day.

INTERVIEWER: Why did you get into this industry?

LUCAS MOLLBERG: To be honest, I was dragged into it. A college buddy introduced me to online gambling, and after trying a few games, I quickly grew addicted. Once you fall in love with something, there’s no turning back. I started blogging about my passion (casino), and soon enough, I became one of Sweden’s leading experts on casino gambling. It wasn’t long before I realized that many people were looking for an expert opinion when planning their next trip abroad or deciding where to play next. It seemed like a natural step for me to start consulting other players on their gaming strategies and help them avoid common pitfalls. So now spend most of my time working as an online gaming consultant while also keeping up with my betting habits.

INTERVIEWER: In your opinion, what is your country’s best casino?

LUCAS MOLLBERG: There’s no one answer to that question. Casino is a subjective word, like art and music, and food. What’s good for me may not be suitable for you. So I asked my friend, expert in all things casino, Lars Mollberg, what he considered to be his country’s best casino. This is what he had to say

INTERVIEWER: Do you have any tips for aspiring experts in your industry?

LUCAS MOLLBERG: I’d recommend making yourself known to those looking to break into the industry. The more you network and build relationships in your industry, the easier it will be to position yourself as an expert—or even become one organically. It also helps to understand how things work behind the scenes; people love knowing how things work, so if you can explain something that seems complex in simple terms, you’ll have no problem building a reputation for yourself.