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Pokémon GO XP Sources- How to level up quickly?

Pokémon GO is a new augmented reality smartphone game developed and released by Niantic in cooperation with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for iOS and Android phones. A new entry in the long-running, classic pokémon go account series is powered by the newly-invented technology known as “augmented reality”. With this feature, the players can directly interact with the virtual creatures. Unlike the previous versions, this one allows players to train their Pokémon, obtain them from catching Pokémon around the real world, and enjoy the benefits of having these creatures as their pets. 

But in addition to all these features, players can collect XP points as well, which can be used to make purchases in-game. And if you are among those who are looking to get Pokémon Go XP sources list then you are at the right place, after giving a brief intro of this game, we’ll dig deep into Pokémon Go XP sources list. You need to stay focused and keep reading!

Pokémon GO Concept

The game presents a different concept from the classic Pokémon games. Many other games allow players to participate in battles and travel around the different regions of the world. However, since this one substitutes catching Pokémon like catching Pokémon Go Aerodactyl, it takes the basic idea and expands on it. With this feature, players can feel like they are on the field with their very own poison, and the experience is really fun and exciting.

Players can travel around the world in their very own pocket and will be able to meet and battle other trainers in the process. If you think that this doesn’t sound exciting at all, think again. You can also gain access to previously unrevealed areas and find more Pokémon to collect as you go along. Your collection will also expand with more powerful potions. All of these features together mean that this game has a lot of content, and will be a real challenge to play.

Pokémon GO XP sources:

If you are tired of the same old gameplay from the previous games in the franchise, then this is the right time to play a brand new adventure with the latest release of the game, Pokémon GO Vanillite Evolution! This new version of the game promises exciting and addicting gameplay. However, to have an enjoyable experience, it is important that you learn how to find the right source of XP for your job! And since this game is based on real-life hunting activities, the only way to get enough points for your level-ups is to do some hunting too!

Steps to Achieve Pokemon GO XP Sources

This game was created by the makers of the very popular Pokémon games! And having spent several years in the gaming industry, they already knew what they were doing when creating a game that people will truly enjoy playing. And now, through the use of free online sources, those who are eager to beat the game can do just that! Here are some tips that you may find useful as you try to get the most XP possible in this exciting new game:

First of all, you can get your Pokémon levelled up a lot faster by raiding, and this is considered the best method to get the most XP points and level up more quickly. Besides, you may want to look for other online players at the same time as you to trade back and forth with them. These can lead to some very nice gains in a relatively short amount of time!

The second option that you have to get Pokémon Points is to buy into the in-game currency. This is a risky business, but you can really rack up the points you need pretty easily if you are determined. However, because the game site or online game store you are playing at charges a fee each time you buy a pack of Pokémon, you need to weigh the costs of this option against getting enough Pokémon to level your Pokémon up. Be careful not to spend too much money; since you are not paying a monthly charge for the currency, you should be able to spend it in small increments to keep from burning through your savings.

Some people play Pokémon online for entertainment purposes, while others play it because they enjoy playing games that require strategy skills. If this is the case, you will want to visit an expert Pokémon game site to play against other people. These can be found anywhere online, and you should be able to get advice that can help you get the points you need to get to level up your Pokémon. You may even be able to trade tricks and tips with them for practice or gain further expertise like getting Pokemon Go Shiny Trapinch.

Pokémon GO XP sources List:

There are almost hundreds of ways through which one can get these experience points. Either you catch any Pokémon or trade, you get these points, but the questions arise how much points you gain. To make it crystal clear, we have created a table below to help you understand the sources and how much XP you get from these sources. Scroll down to take a look at them:

Source: Experience Points:
Capturing Pokémon: 100
Pokédex Entry 500
Curveball 10
Nice Throw 20
Great throw 100
Excellent throw 1000
Catching Pokémon in AR 300
Evolution of Pokémon 500
Hatching a 12km egg 4000
Hatching a 7 km egg 1500
Hatching a 2 km egg 700
Berry feeding in gym 50
Gym battle victory 400
Daily PokéStop bonus 500
Daily catching Pokémon Bonus 500
Daily catching Pokémon Bonus on last day of week 2000
Tier 1 raid finish 3000
Tier 3 Raid finish 4000
Tier 5 Raid finish 10,000
Unlocking Best Friend Status 100,000


So, if you are looking to level up fast in Pokémon Go then get XP points from these sources as soon as possible and level up right away. However, it is not a matter of seconds but you have to play a while to achieve them.